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None of us need to be convinced that skin care is crucial if we want to maintain a healthy and radiant appearance. But how to do it best? What should we keep in mind? Which cosmetics should we reach for? Answers to these questions can be found below. Find out which steps in proper skin care consist of.

Step 1 – two-step make-up removal

The first and most important step in skin care is prior cleansing of makeup residue and/or other impurities that have accumulated on the face during the day. You must be aware that improper cleansing is a crime for the skin. It’s best to divide it into two stages – first use a cleansing oil and then a water-based cosmetic, such as a liquid, gel or foam. Only then can you be sure your face is perfectly clean and ready for the next skincare steps. If it’s your morning routine, you can skip the oil.

Step 2 – exfoliation

Now it’s time for a scrub to get rid of dead skin cells, smooth your skin and cleanse your pores. Of course, don’t use it every day but once or twice a week at the most. You can choose an enzymatic peel (without particles), fine or coarse-grained – the type should suit your skin and preferences. Regular exfoliation also helps fight discoloration and uneven skin tone.

Step 3 – toning

Toning is a step you must always perform after cleansing your skin, even if you have not exfoliated that day. A toner, whether sprayed from an atomizer or poured onto a cotton pad, is essential for restoring your skin’s pH. Follow the example of Asian women and use a moisturizing and nourishing toner instead of a harsh astringent one. Your skin will certainly thank you.

Step 4 – Concentrated serum or booster

Right after toning comes the time for highly concentrated cosmetics with lots of active ingredients. Their effect is much stronger than the cream, so we apply them first. Serum or booster should be applied especially in the evening, when you have more time for care and can wait until everything is absorbed

Step 5 – cream adapted to the needs of the skin

This is where you reach for the cream, or rather two. The first is an eye cream that is light in texture but has a beneficial effect. The second one is a face cream. And here we usually paste the moisturizing day cream and the nourishing night cream. While in the evening you can afford a greasy consistency, in the morning pay attention that the cream does not weigh down and does not accumulate under makeup. Of course, it’s important to choose products according to your skin’s needs-perhaps it’s dehydrated, has imperfections, discoloration, dilated capillaries or excessive sebum secretion.

Step 6 – sun protection

Applying sunscreen is a must not only during the vacations but all year round, even in winter. If you don’t have a UV sunscreen, you need to apply a separate cosmetic. The filter should have a minimum of SPF 30, and preferably SPF 50. Then you will be sure that you protect your skin from burns, hyperpigmentation and photo-aging and drying.

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