What shoes to wear in the fall and what to pair them with?

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Choosing the right footwear for autumn can be quite a challenge. It should not only be fashionable and comfortable, but also warm and impervious to moisture. Which models are worth choosing? We suggest!


Wellington boots so far appeared mainly in women’s fashion collections. This season they also appeared in men’s closets. They can be seen at fashion houses such as Versace and Prada.

The look of the slippers refers to military boots, but of course they are not as high and tight as their female versions

Black half boots with thick soles

An absolute hit of the upcoming fall! We will see them in different variants – those informal, as well as perfect for a special occasion. There will also be longer models of black shoes with thick soles. With so many variations on their theme, surely everyone will find something for themselves. Such a fashion treasure cannot be missing from your autumn closet!

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots will appear in really crazy proposals this season. Camouflage or snake skin motif? No problem! Brands such as Versace have prepared truly original models for the autumn season. Will there be a place for them in men’s closet?

Trekking shoes

Something for fans of sport and comfort. Although until recently this type of shoes was not welcomed in everyday stylizations, trends are changing in favour of people who feel good in sport style. Well-known fashion brands are now including trekking boots in their everyday outfits. To make them look a little more elegant, there are small styling tweaks – and voila!


We have seen many times that you can wear sneakers with a suit and look good. This season we are going to see a real craze for sports shoes. Bold color combinations and thick, monstrous soles are just some of the fashion variations. Another trend that shows you don’t have to be afraid of sporty shoes for everyday wear

Slippers with buckles

With this trend we go on a journey to the fashion past. Buckle shoes or tall monks are a reference to retro times. These shoes will be deliberately aged, e.g. by adding delicate colourful reflections. Such stylish shoes may turn out to be very practical in autumn – they are perfect for both daytime and elegant stylizations.


Brogues, i.e. half-shoes with characteristic holes, the so-called brogue, have reigned on store shelves for a few seasons already. They could not miss them also this autumn. Their classic cut and decoration refer to the folk climate, which together gives an extremely interesting effect

Chukka boots

Chukka boots in Poland are more commonly known as boots. Their simple and classic form will work for many seasons and occasions. Next to navy blue and brown color, camel will also be a dominant color. Chukka boots, especially those made of suede, are a great match for jeans.


Slippers are shoes which perfectly combine simplicity and elegance. They fit to almost everything, and thanks to rubber inserts instead of laces create an interesting variety of styling. These are one of the most fashionable shoes for the coming autumn, so you can not miss them in your closet.

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