Top 10 beauty products for men

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The modern man takes care of his body – this is a widely accepted fact. Long gone are the days when a guy had to smell of horse, sweat and cigarette smoke

Today, personal hygiene is a sine qua non condition to enjoy the success of the opposite sex and respect in society. How to properly take care of yourself? What cosmetics to use not to go bankrupt, but to look and smell great? Check out the top 10 beauty products you should know!

Old Spice Original shower gel (13.97 zł for 400 ml)

Classics always at a premium! Old Spice Original is a shower gel, which every experienced man knows. For years it is used as a basic cosmetic by tens of thousands of guys around the world. It works perfectly in daily care. It perfectly moisturizes the skin and leaves an intense scent, which can be best described as… the smell of Old Spice (everyone knows what I mean).

Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo (PLN 17.99 for 400 ml)

Anti-dandruff shampoo. Great, proven and with a pleasant scent. Effectively eliminates dandruff (the manufacturer claims 100%). Interesting fact for those who appreciate ecology: the packaging is made of 25 percent recycled plastic. And an interesting fact for football fans: it is advertised by Robert Lewandowski himself. What guy wouldn’t want to be associated with the Bayern footballer?

Gillette Shaving Foam (PLN 10.99 per 200 ml)

Unless you’re a Viking, a hermit or visit a barber every two weeks, you probably need a good quality shaving product. Everyday beard removal can be annoying, but not with Gillette foam. Another classic in this list. Your father used to shave with the help of Gillette and you too can do it without shame, because this classic foam practically does not age. Invariably versatile and effective.

Nivea Men Sensitive Recovery Shaving Gel (PLN 10.49 for 200 ml)

For a change – shaving gel, a modern version of the foam. How is it different? Mainly, that it is less foamy and easier to spread over the face. Additionally, it is available in a sensitive version, which will be best if your face looks after shaving like Jim Caviezel in Mel Gibson’s “Passion”.

Nivea cream (PLN 3.99 for 50 ml)

Nivea multi-purpose cream is another cosmetic that everyone knows. It may not be produced exclusively for men, but it has certainly already been appreciated by many of them. It is perfect for dry skin care. It will also work great in the cold.

Neutrogena Hand Cream Norwegian Formula (PLN 8.99 per 75 ml)

The equivalent of Nivea cream, but for hands. There is also a version for feet. Protects against frost and cracks in the skin. You will appreciate it if you have ever come back from a party in winter without gloves.

Intimate hygiene gel AA Men Sensitive (PLN 16.99 per 200 ml)

This time a cosmetic for you that will be appreciated by your partner. In a nutshell: the specificity of intimate areas is slightly different than the rest of your body, which is why you will need a gel with antibacterial properties. Proper hygiene reduces the risk of infection. The gel also has a pleasant fragrance.

AA Men Advanced Care 30+ face cream (PLN 22.49 per 50 ml)

The final three is opened by a face cream for men 30+. Student parties, overtime at work, sleepless nights – all this will affect the look of your face when you start your fourth decade of life. That’s why it’s worth taking care of a fresh, healthy complexion today.

Mr Drwal beard oil (29 zł for 10 ml)

If you belong to the beard club, it would be great if your beard looked neat and smelled good. Thanks to this oil your perfect beard will spread the aromas of citrus wood and musk.

Adidas Pure Game Deodorant (PLN 8.99 for 150 ml)

What can I say… Deodorant will be perfect wherever you run out of the previously mentioned cosmetics. A real classic. Modern, dynamic man is always on the run. Whether it’s work, a crazy night out with his mates or a date with his girlfriend, you can always use a quick refresher during any of these activities.

Men’s cosmetics are not and do not have to be expensive. Neither do any of us like to waste time on excessive grooming. Instead, we like to rise to the occasion and be perfectly prepared for any situation. Remember, feeling fresh and smelling great will boost your confidence. There is a reason why James Bond uses expensive perfumes and cosmetics. Be like Bond, stand out and attract attention to yourself.

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