Sage. How to wear the most fashionable color of the year?

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Sage not only has excellent healing properties, but also a beautiful shade that is a hit this season. We tell you how to style your closet items in sage color. It is not that difficult!

What is sage color?

The color palette is incredibly rich. In addition to the basic colors, we have a whole range of different shades. The sage color can sometimes be hard to identify, but simply put, it is a combination of dark greens and grays with a hint of beige.

Sage is also very dim and cool, which makes it look classic and very elegant. In addition, it is worth noting that it perfectly fits into the current trend, which is a return to earthy colors.

What does sage go with?

Sage is a plant valued for its medicinal properties. As it is also a naturally occurring green, there are no major problems with combining it with other colors. All browns and light and pastel colors will be a hit, ranging from white, through lilac, marine, to gray and graphite.

Due to the fact that it is a rather muted shade, we do not recommend pairing it with bright colors.

You can also go in the trendy direction and bet on a monochromatic set. Sage total look will always look great.

If anyone still has problems or is looking for inspiration, we suggest to take a look at… interiors. Sage has been successfully decorating our apartments for several seasons – it appears on walls, sofas and armchairs as well as textiles and accessories. It’s good to see what colors it is combined with in these cases. Many of them can be successfully introduced into the closet.

Casual and elegant styling with sage

Sage works well both on everyday elements of the closet, but also on those more elegant, which we can wear to work or to more important events and formal occasions. In some cases it can resemble military clothing, although it gives a new look to those soldier colors.

In stores we can find sage T-shirts, long sleeve blouses, thin and thicker sweaters, jackets, but also shirts, jackets and whole suits.

Moreover, a very interesting proposition are sage shoes, more precisely sneakers or sneakers, which can be styled in many ways. Such footwear is both delicate and expressive.

For example, a classic jacket or bomber jacket in this color is a great base for almost any look. Without a doubt, it brings a lot of freshness.

For a wedding, especially organized in the summer, it is worth choosing a sage suit, which will look extremely chic, but also original and unique. The jacket itself will also be undoubtedly useful many times. We also recommend Bermuda shorts in this color, which are not only very comfortable, but also ultra-fashionable.

In addition, a green shirt goes perfectly with jeans or chinos, giving a nice change from the classic white or blue. It can also be in a delicate pattern, check or stripes. Sage gives a lot of possibilities and it is worth taking advantage of them.

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