How to match a handbag with an evening outfit?

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Small, large, carried under the arm or on a long strap, black or in color? A handbag is one of those styling elements which can change the character of the whole outfit. What should you follow when choosing the perfect model for an evening outfit? We checked it! Here is what you should know about it!

Handbag – is it important for evening outfit?

Evening outfits have their own rules. While in everyday life we sometimes go out without make-up and in casual clothes, for bigger outings we usually have to prepare longer, thinking about every single element. We want to look beautiful, make an impression on other people and simply feel good

The base of our outfit is important – dress, skirt, pants and top, shoes, make-up, hairstyle, jewelry, but also outer garment and, of course, handbag. Even if we won’t have it with us all the time, we can’t treat it lightly. A handbag is always an important element of styling, it complements it perfectly, giving a chic or perversely breaking the elegant character.

Size of a bag vs. body shape

The first issue we take into consideration when looking for the perfect handbag for evening outfit is its size. It is first of all about matching it to your figure. Tiny bags will not look good with fuller figures and vice versa – large clutch bags can visually overwhelm small women.

It is also believed that we should not wear large shopper bags on evening occasions. But it turns out that according to the latest trends, XXL evening bags will be the king.

Apart from the size, it is also important to carry the bag, or rather the height on which it will be placed. We must be aware that it will optically enlarge the given region. So if we have fuller hips, the bag should reach maximally to bust, to equalize proportions. If we decide on a model with a long belt or chain, we will only emphasize this crucial part.

The material of the bag is important

For evening outfit we should choose perfect looking accessories. We should not use poor quality materials, damages, worn down sides and metal elements or deformations. Everything must be exactly in place and intact

Besides, the most popular and versatile are handbags made of leather, which will easily serve for many years

The color of the handbag consistent with the whole styling

The handbag is a kind of icing on the cake, a complement to the look – so make sure it stays consistent with the other elements. While for New Year’s Eve outfit we can go crazy with color and glitter of the bag, when going to the theater or to an elegant banquet we don’t have to.

Actually all bags fit to small black dress, even the most ornamented and colorful ones. On the other hand, if we have a magnificent and expressive creation, then it is better to choose a more modest model of a minimalist bag, without a belt. Moreover we don’t have to follow the rule that handbag and shoes should be in the same color. It is important that accessories have similar style.

Remember, that handbag for evening styling does not have to hold the whole house. First of all it has to look spectacular. Some models are even like jewelry.

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