Once you try these beauty gadgets, you won’t be able to do without them

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Skincare and makeup are usually the most enjoyable rituals of our entire day. Who of us doesn’t like to take a moment just for ourselves and focus on taking care of our appearance. Nowadays, there are gadgets on the market that will not only help us become even more beautiful, but will also make our favourite rituals even more enjoyable

Check out our suggestions of gadgets worth having in your make-up bag. After just one use you will not imagine life without them!

Foreo Luna Mini 2

A few years ago, the world went crazy about facial cleansing brushes. Manufacturers outdid themselves in inventing more and more new features, colors and shapes. However, the most iconic were those made by Foreo

Using a brush, you not only cleanse your face deeply, but also massage it and exfoliate the skin. Its regular use makes the imperfections on our face gradually disappear, the skin is more vascularized and the complexion is visibly improved.

Foreo UFO

Foreo brand surprises us every now and then with new pioneering solutions in facial care. Another one of them is the device for intelligent mask care – UFO. To fully enjoy the possibilities of this innovative device, you need to buy special masks from the same company. We place one of them in our UFO and then gently move the device over the face. This way the active substances are released from the mask placed inside. The whole treatment takes only 90 seconds!

The device works together with an application for your phone, thanks to which we are able to choose an appropriate mask and treatment for our skin. Treatment will become even more effective and simpler.

Glov glove

This inconspicuous glove can prove invaluable when we return from a party in the morning and have little strength for makeup removal. Thanks to it we can remove makeup using only water. After cleaning the glove with grey soap, you can use it again

However, the functions of the glove do not end with makeup removal! You can also use it to wash off makeup removal oils and lotions, as well as clay masks and mechanical exfoliation.

Rose Quartz Face Roller

The most instagram-able skincare gadget! A roller made of pink quartz is conquering the entire cosmetic world. It doesn’t surprise us a bit – thanks to this gadget we can perform a massage and facelift comparable to the one used in Japanese shiatsu massage technique

It works by means of cold, which closes pores and improves blood circulation and lymph drainage. Regular use prevents wrinkles and reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes

Led face mask

Performing home SPA, we can look like visitors from another planet! All thanks to the led face mask, resembling a costume of a creature from another civilization. However, it is worth putting aside jokes, because the action of this mask is really sensational! Its action based on LED photoelectric technology makes the skin tissues are affected by waves of a specific length, which penetrate into the skin without overheating it. As a result, our skin after such a treatment becomes nourished, smooth and elastic, and inflammation healed. Such treatment can be used to treat dermatological conditions.

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