Leg hair removal – choose the method for you

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Hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. You can perform it yourself at home or in a professional beauty salon. It all depends on the method of depilation you decide on. Here is a brief overview of how to get rid of hair.

Sometimes improper epilation technique can lead to skin irritation or the appearance of red dots. If moisturizing alone doesn’t help, consider changing your epilation technique.

Using a razor to epilate your legs

A razor is the most common and intuitive tool for getting rid of unwanted body hair. While the effect of smooth legs is almost instantaneous, it’s not as long-lasting. Depilation with a razor needs to be repeated up to a dozen times a month, depending on how fast the hair grows back

Shaving your legs with a razor can also cause nicks and irritation. To avoid this, you should not shave your legs dry, i.e. without using foam or cream. A lot of people who use a razor also experience ingrown hairs. The way to deal with this is to perform a scrub after shaving.

Leg hair removal with cream

The second way to have smooth legs is epilation cream – epilation cream dissolves unwanted hair together with its roots. Apply a fairly thick layer on the skin and after a few minutes remove it with a spatula. It is important not to rub the cream into the skin, but to gently apply it on the skin surface. Unfortunately, depilatory creams are not very efficient and one tube is enough for a small number of uses. It does not leave irritation and the effect of smooth skin can be enjoyed for about a week.

Legs epilation with sugar paste

Another noteworthy way to epilate your legs at home is to get rid of unwanted hair with sugar paste. This product is valued for its natural composition, gentleness, effectiveness and lack of irritation. Depending on the type of paste, it can be applied hot or cold. The procedure is not painful as the applied paste sticks to the hair and not to the skin. After spreading it on the legs a piece of special material or paper is stuck to it, which is then torn off with a dynamic movement.

Leg waxing

An extremely popular method of getting rid of unwanted hair is waxing. Nowadays in drugstores you can buy special patches, which after getting warm in your hands stick to the skin and then tear off in the opposite direction than the growing hair. The disadvantage of this method is that it is painful – the patch sticks not only to the hair but also to the skin, which is easily irritated. However, supporters of this technique appreciate its durability, as waxing provides an effect for up to four weeks.

Laser hair removal

Absolutely the most durable epilation method that has been invented so far. It is performed in professional beauty salons, although there are devices on the market that allow it to be done at home. It involves the destruction of hair melanin by laser light. Treatments should be repeated initially every two weeks and later every eight weeks. Thanks to this method, we can get rid of unwanted hair for a very long time or even forever.

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