How to keep your holiday tan for longer? We have ways!

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A tan adds beauty and sex appeal to women, making them feel more confident and attractive. Here are a few ways how to take care of your skin to keep your tan healthy for a long time.

A beautiful and healthy tan has to be earned the right way. It involves not only long hours spent in the sun, but also proper skin protection and care before tanning. Remember about sunscreens that prevent sunburn and help avoid sun irritation.

How to prolong the life of your tan?

After the vacations, when your skin is already bronzed, it’s worth taking care to preserve it so that you can enjoy its beautiful bronze color in the autumn. The most important thing is the way you tan. You should use sunscreen, which not only protects your skin from burns, but also helps you get a healthy tan. Although you get a slower tan, you will gradually get a tan that will stay with you longer and definitely look nicer. You can find a large selection of tanning creams on the market, including those that have a natural and ecological composition.

Peeling both before and after sunbathing

Even before going to the beach, it’s worth doing a full body scrub, which can accelerate the appearance of the tan. Many people may think that scrubbing after tanning will rub off the tan, but the truth is different. The sun burns deep layers of our skin, and peeling only removes dead skin. By getting rid of it, we bring out our tan on the outside. It should be done several times a week under lukewarm water. Remember not to scrub if your skin is red or irritated!

Avoid hot baths

Tanned skin does not like hot water, so give up long baths in hot water. Replace them with summer showers, which during the vacations, when temperatures are high, have a much better effect not only on your tan, but also on your body. Also pay attention to the cosmetics used at this time. For skin that spends a lot of time in the sun, a good choice will be soaps and gels, which in its composition have a natural oil

Moisturize your skin often

Moisturizing and oiling your skin after sunbathing is very important because the sun dries and dehydrates our body. It is advisable to use highly moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating cosmetics designed for after-sun skin. In addition, their ingredients have a positive impact on extending the life of the tan. No matter which cosmetic you choose, try to apply it to your skin at least twice a day. Instead of rubbing it in, pat it in gently or rub in circular motions.

Start using tan-fixing supplements

Taking supplements is also a very good way to fix the tan inside your body. In addition, they provide the right nutrients that not only help preserve the skin color you’ve achieved, but also moisturize it. It’s best to take the tablets after a meal rich in fatty ingredients, thanks to which they facilitate the absorption of beta-carotene

A beautiful tan will remind us of a wonderful vacation for a long time. The above methods should help you keep your golden skin longer!

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