Why make an appointment with a specialist for a wedding trial haircut?

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A wedding is a special day and you certainly want everything to go smoothly and to your liking. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant surprises a few hours before the ceremony, it is advisable to schedule a trial visit to the hairdresser

Why should you go to a specialist?

Wedding hairstyle should be done with the utmost care. Therefore, it is worth putting yourself in the hands of specialists, who will make your hair look phenomenal on that day. By enlisting the services of a professional hair stylist or salon, you can be sure that your hair style will not only look great but will also last. After all, you don’t want anything to happen to your hair while you are dancing, do you? Hairdressers and stylists will also suggest wedding hairstyles that are suitable for your beauty and hair type and that you feel confident and comfortable in them. Professionals also have access to typical hairdressing products, which you will not get in drugstores. They will keep your hair shiny and nourished, and your hairstyle perfect

Is a trial haircut necessary?

Have you decided to get professional hairdressers and are wondering if a trial haircut is necessary? Of course it is! With a trial haircut, you have the opportunity to have an in-depth consultation with your stylist and try out different hairstyles or make any changes to your planned hairstyle. This will prevent a small tragedy on the day of your wedding when you leave the salon and discover that you and your hair stylist do not quite understand each other. So when you make an appointment for your wedding day haircut, also ask for a date a few days beforehand so that you can have a trial haircut.

How do I prepare for my salon appointment?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when going for a trial hair appointment at a hair salon. First of all, don’t do anything to your hair before your appointment – no styling, curling, or straightening. It is best to keep it as natural as possible. Remember to come to the trial hairstyle with the color and shape of hair you plan to have on the wedding day. It is also important to bring your veil and all other hair accessories and jewelry with you to your appointment. The trial hairstyle is so you can envision yourself as a bride, so it’s a good idea to wear a white blouse and full makeup to your appointment. Also look online for inspiration before your appointment. This will improve communication with your stylist, who will thus know what you more or less expect.

Trendy Hairstyles to Match Different Dresses


For glamorous gowns, loose chignons with gently fanned out strands of hair to the face and accessorized with shiny jewelry such as pins, bobby pins or clip-in ornaments work best. Hollywood waves are also a good idea for this look – after all, there is nothing more glamorous than celebrity hairstyles on the red carpet.


Hairstyles like loose braids, soft beach waves or any combination with natural flower garlands work best with boho dresses. This style is all about softness, airiness and naturalness and the bride’s hairstyle should reflect this.

Classic minimalism

However, if you have opted for a classic and minimalist wedding dress, the best choice will be smooth and neat updos, such as a ballerina chignon or gently curled hair tied up in a ponytail.

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