The most expensive dishes in the world. The prices they were sold for will surprise you

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There is no shortage of very expensive food in the world, especially in restaurants. However, there are some dishes whose price is simply staggering and not everyone will have the opportunity to try them. Let’s see what we are talking about.

the 12 most expensive dishes in the world

Edible gold

This product is expensive in every way. The only thing that amazes is the taste, which has nothing special in it. In addition, it has no nutritional value. It is usually used as a decorative element of other dishes, such as desserts. There is even a lemonade with the addition of 24-carat gold flakes, which costs “only” 15 USD for a 0.7-liter bottle.


This spice is native to the Middle East and is commonly referred to as “red gold”. It is the most expensive side dish in the world, one pound of saffron weighs between $5,000 and $10,000

It takes patience to obtain the finished product, as it is a painstaking hand job. From each inflorescence of the saffron crocus, small flower pistils have to be pulled out. To get one gram of saffron, you need to extract it from 150 flowers.

Caviar Almas

Do you know the most luxurious snack in the world? It is caviar, which is made from the roe of century-old white sturgeons from the Caspian Sea. Almas means diamond in Russian and this is where this delicacy, also called white caviar, comes from. Its price increases with the brightness of the color of the eggs. For a kilogram of this caviar you can pay up to 18 thousand dollars.

Watermelon Densuke

In Japan, you can get an unusual fruit. Although the region is considered not very agricultural, this is where one of the most expensive products in the world is found. The Black Watermelon of Densuke, as it is called, is obtained in small quantities. It grows only on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. One such fruit can weigh even more than 8 kilograms, and its price is a dizzying $ 6000.

Kobe beef

While staying in Japan, we can’t forget about Kobe beef. Why is it so special? It comes from Tajima cows, whose meat is known all over the world. The beef is extremely tender and tastes great. Of course, it also has its “delicious” price – a kilo of Kobe can be bought for about $200.


Yubari Melon

Japan has another candidate, also from the island of Hokkaido – the Yubari melon. It is certainly the most expensive fruit from this family in the world. 28 thousand dollars is the price for two Yubari melons.

Alba white truffle

What about the truffles? White truffles from Alba are being sold at a world-class auction. Yes, you read that right. The starting price is 85 thousand euros for 850 grams of white truffle.

Matsutake mushroom

Next on the list of most expensive foods is the pine mushroom, or Matsutake. It is extremely rare and delicate, and there are only a few places around the world where it can be grown. It can be found in Asia, Europe and Oregon, among other places. It is to its extreme rarity that it owes its price per kilogram, which is $2,000.


Tigerfish is otherwise known as Fugu fish, which is not only the most expensive but also the most dangerous. Consumption of improperly prepared fish can prove fatal. Blowfish contains a poison for which there is no effective cure. This does not discourage seasoned gourmets who are able to pay around $200 a piece for it.

Knipschildt Chocolate

True chocolate gems, Madeleine truffles were prepared by Danish chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt. Their taste is so unique that you have to pay 250 USD for one truffle. The most extravagant chocolate in the world contains Périgord truffles covered with dark Valrhona chocolate. The dessert is packaged in a silver box with edible beads inside.

Ham from acorn-fed Iberian pigs

Jamón Iberico de Bellota – gets its name from the food the animals eat, which is oak acorns. Thanks to this feed, the meat has a slightly nutty taste. For $200 you can buy a kilo of this delicacy, and for $1200 you can buy a whole ham including the bone.


This is a cheese made from donkey milk, only on a small farm in Serbia. It is the most expensive delicacy of its kind in the world. It owes its dizzying price of $3400 per kilogram to the process of obtaining milk from a donkey. This animal produces 0.85 glass of milk per day – for comparison, a cow at the same time produces about 30 liters. To produce half a kilo of Pule cheese, 11 liters of donkey milk are needed. This lengthens the production process considerably.

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