Ganni – a Danish brand that trendsetters have come to love

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Recently, the GANNI brand has been conquering the fashion world. Their domain is colorful T-shirts, envelope dresses and mohair sweaters. The brand is headquartered in Copenhagen, and their T-shirts are a dream for people in the United States. Want to learn more about the brand? Read the article below!

How did the brand’s history begin? 

GANNI is not a young clothing brand. It is already 20 years old. At first it developed slowly, when in 2009 it gained new owners. It was taken over by a Danish couple – Nikolaj and Ditte Reffstrup. The man was an IT specialist looking for a new job, and the woman helped the former brand owner with design issues.

Where did the idea for the brand come from?

The idea for the brand was reportedly clear from the beginning. It was to be Scandinavian style in a more colorful way. In 2009, the first designs tagged with the GANNI name were created. Each year the brand releases four women’s collections and one lingerie collection. There is everything to build a complete closet, from T-shirts to coats and accessories. The brand is characterized by patterns and colors. Prices range from $50-60 for a T-shirt, while a hand-embroidered dress costs about $1,000.

GANNI models

Danish models have played an important role in promoting the brand. They, returning to their hometowns, participate in fashion shows during Copenhagen Fashion Week, which is held twice a year. Observers from abroad then check carefully what the brand will have to offer for the season.

High popularity of the brand

Due to the fact that the brand has a large variety in its collections and reasonable prices, GANNI is a great fit for the market. The brand’s clothes are available on ASOS, but also on Selfridges or Net-a-Porter. A good move by the brand’s creators was to create capsule collections.

What kind of revenue does the brand have?

According to Business of Fashion, GANNI’s annual revenue from clothing sales is $60 million. They are available in more than 400 boutiques around the world, and the brand has 22 stores in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. In 2014, it won the prestigious ELLE Style Awards in the “brand of the year” category. Since then, the results have not deteriorated at all. 

Is it worth taking an interest in the GANNI brand?

The answer is – of course! Clothes of this brand are unique and with character. You can find plenty of gems at reasonable prices. In addition, you will select great lingerie. Buying clothes of this brand is a guarantee of satisfaction and catching attention on the street!

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