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Preppy style – the style of elite American college students

It is not only a style of dress, but also a lifestyle and behaviour. Find out the secrets of the preppy look that David Beckham, among others, is known for.



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The preppy style can be described as sporty yet luxurious. We like to share with you our tips on how to dress according to the preppy style. One thing is for sure: top quality materials are essential.

Preppy history

Preppy is one of the classic fashion styles and its origins date back to the 1930s-50s. It took its inspiration from the clothing and uniform of the students of the Ivy League, which consisted of eight elite American universities, including Harvard and Yale. All elements of their closet were elegant and made of the highest quality materials, and thus – expensive and with labels of very famous brands.

Moreover, preppy style is referred to as sporty elegance. It’s no coincidence that these students practiced rugby, tennis, polo and cricket, so their outfits featured sporty elements.

With time the style began to be imitated also by young men studying at less prestigious universities, until it finally “entered” the everyday fashion.

The style gained its greatest popularity in the 1980s thanks to the book “Official Preppy Handbook” written by Lisa Birnbach. Although the book was supposed to ridicule the style of dress and lifestyle of the elite part of the society, it became a kind of ready handbook for everyone who wanted to be “preppy” – because it turns out that it’s not just clothes and accessories, but also behavior and a way of being.

The icon of the preppy style was undoubtedly the president of the United States, John Kennedy, whose styles were always perfectly matched. Today, however, it is worth taking a closer look at the looks of David Beckham and the characters from the popular Netflix series ‘School for the Elite’.

What are the characteristics of the preppy look?

Preppy clothing, accessories and accessories must be clean, perfectly ironed and well-fitted. The color palette is predominantly white, beige, navy blue and brown, but also includes bottle green, mustard, orange and red. Juicy colors dominate the summer outfits. As far as patterns are concerned, there are stripes, polka dots, diamonds, scotch checks and tennis stripes.

The most important thing is the quality of materials, preferably natural – wool, cotton, linen, silk.

Anyone who wants to dress in a preppy style should look at brands such as Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Gant, Morris, Barbour and Jack Donneley Khakis. The good news is that many items of clothing can be purchased not only from these well-known and luxurious brands, but also from popular chain stores, especially when preppy is “in” again.

Preppy closet

Preppy is not complicated, so it should not be a big problem to create outfits. The classic look includes such closet items as:

  • baseball jacket,
  • harrington jacket,
  • navy blue blazer or jacket,
  • herringbone tweed jacket in grey or brown,
  • sweater and cricket sleeveless,
  • shirt with club collar,
  • club tie with diagonal stripes or stripes,
  • jacket, shorts and madras cotton shirt,
  • rugby shirt,
  • polo shirt,
  • t-shirt and sweatshirt with university symbol,
  • beige cotton or corduroy chinos
  • straight chino shorts in light color, often white,
  • saddle shoes,
  • classic sneakers,
  • sailor moccasins and penny loafers
  • brogues.

The contemporary preppy closet is distinguished above all by stronger colors, a wider palette and cuts closer to the body. This includes, for example:

  • baseball jackets,
  • quilted husky jackets,
  • puddle jackets,
  • cardigans,
  • hoodies with college or club prints or patches,
  • colorful chinos,
  • classic jeans,
  • colorful belts and plaid belts,
  • vichy and gingham shirts,
  • plaid ties,
  • cotton and tweed flies,
  • polo shirts in intense colors like pink, green and turquoise.

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Tie or bow tie – which will work better?

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What should you follow when making your choice?

The main factors you should follow when choosing accessories are your outfit, age and body type. The occasion and personal tastes also matter. A tie is an option that goes with most suits. However, the fly often adds character to the styling. It suits both a tuxedo, a tailcoat and a suit. 

In the case of the latter, we can wear a fly in basically any shade. However, it is worth being careful. Popular lately are flies in intense and bright colors. These are suitable for less formal occasions. For a big outing it is better to choose a fly in a classic shade.


The most commonly chosen accessory for a wedding is a tie. You should pay attention to its width, length, as well as pattern and color. If you want to opt for a classic and elegant look at a wedding, then choose a tie, If, on the other hand, you prefer to stand out in style then consider choosing a fly. This is an accessory often chosen by the groom. For this reason, it’s a good idea to talk through this decision with the newlyweds so that you feel comfortable at the event.


The prom is another elegant occasion. You can wear both a bow tie and a tie to it. If you decide to wear the latter, a dark-colored one is best. You can add spice to your styling with the way you tie it. However, avoid ties that are not very elegant.

The bow tie, on the other hand, is more often chosen for proms, as young people love it. Here, too, avoid bright colors. During the prom, it is better to leave the colorful ones in the closet. 

Business meeting

A business meeting is an occasion for which it is definitely better to choose a tie. Flies will work well here in exceptional cases. To avoid a mishap, it is always better to choose a classic tie for such an occasion.

A tie is a classic of the genre – it should be in every man’s closet. It works well for almost any occasion. It is also worth having a fly – it is an accessory that adds character to the styling. Remember, however, that a fly optically widens the face, while a tie slims it down. Keep this in mind when choosing your styling. 

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What should I consider when choosing a tie?

Wider, narrower, shorter, longer, black, coloured or patterned? There are lots of different types of ties – so find out how to choose the right one. We’ve put together the most important rules!



It complements the style, emphasizes its elegant character, and at the same time appears in many versions. Tie, as it is referred to, should be properly selected. So what should we pay attention to when choosing it?

Ties – what types are there and what distinguishes them?

It would seem that ties are such a common thread in men’s hairstyles that it’s easy for anyone to find the perfect match. But that’s not the case. Men often don’t know what color to wear them, or what length, much less what width, to choose

To begin with, ties can be standard (between 7 and 9 centimeters wide, the most versatile), narrow (between 4 and 6 centimeters wide) and wide (over 9 centimeters wide). It can also be made of different materials, such as silk, wool, cotton or polyester, among others.

The color and pattern of the tie are important features. Here, you can choose from plain plain ties, striped or striped ties, polka dots and polka dots, geometric patterns, fine darts or heavily patterned ties.

How to match a tie with your shirt and your overall style – practical tips

The width of a tie and your body shape

Always ensure that your tie is proportionate to your figure and face. Men with broad shoulders and broader arms will not look good in a thin tie, while slender men in a wide one. The same goes for jacket lapels, which should also be matched proportionally to your figure. As a general rule, the width of the tie should correspond to the width of the lapel

How far should a tie extend?

When it comes to choosing a tie, we also pay attention to its length. A correctly knotted tie should reach either to the top of the belt buckle or slightly above it, but no more than 2 centimeters.

How do I choose the right tie color?

There’s still the question of how to match the color of the tie to the shirt and the overall suit. Generally speaking, a solid, plain navy blue or burgundy tie is the most versatile and will go with most suits and shirts.

Above all, a white shirt offers great scope for styling. Almost all colors and patterns go with it. A light blue shirt can be matched with a navy blue tie, but also with a burgundy, dark green, yellow and pink tie.

A navy blue suit should be matched with a burgundy, dark green, navy blue, brown, gray or black tie; a gray suit with a burgundy, black or gray tie; a brown suit with a navy blue, dark purple, brown, burgundy, orange, yellow or red tie.

What about tying a tie?

When choosing a tie, we are not only guided by its width, length and color. The way it’s tied is just as important. There are three different ways to tie a tie, and the general rule is that it shouldn’t look sloppy or like it’s been tied with a lot of effort. The simplest is a four-in-hand, or a half Windsor knot, while the most formal is a big, full Windsor knot.

When not to wear a tie?

A tie is worn on many occasions, but there are also occasions when it’s not welcome, and even forbidden. This is the case with a tuxedo. In this case, the tie must be replaced with an elegant bow tie. The same situation is when we put on a tailcoat or when we go to a formal occasion in the evening, such as a ball.

Main photo: Rhii Photography/

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The most desirable watch brands

Watches are luxury goods. Meet those that are the most desirable not only in Poland but also in the world!



Watches, of course those with the best mechanism, are an object of desire for many people. They gained their fame over the years, to now be a high-end commodity. What distinguishes these models? In addition to the mechanism, of course, the design! He meets those whose prices reach the highest ceiling, and not without reason!

Time for luxury, or premium watches

The best watches are considered to be those with Swiss origin. In the book “Swiss made. The Unknown Story of Swiss Success” by R. James Breiding, a list of the most desirable watches of all time can be found. Based on this list we have prepared our ranking.

  1. Vacheron Constantin brand is one of the best on the watch market, which can also boast the longest period of activity. The company was reactivated in the 1980s. The mechanism and design of watches signed with this brand have remained the same for years, only minor improvements are introduced.
  1. Patek Philippe produced in 1839 very quickly gained a premium status. For what reason? Not only the mechanism is responsible for the success of this brand, but also the number of watches produced. Annually only 40 thousand pieces of this model go to the customers. Its price is 15 thousand Swiss francs
  1. The next on the list is Audemars Piguet – the Royal Oak model, the first copy of which saw the light of day in 1875. The price of this model is 12 thousand francs, and the number of produced pieces is even less. We can certainly not talk about mass production. Only 27 thousand pieces appear annually.
  1. The Breuget Classique is a beautiful watch with traditions. It was created in 1775 and since then it has been appreciated by the most demanding consumers. Every year 42 thousand copies go to stores. How much do you have to pay for this gem? Bagatelle 15 thousand francs.
  1. Of course, this ranking would not have the appropriate prestige, if Rolex did not appear in it, and precisely the model Chronographe Daytona. In 1905 this watch took over the market. It is not as unique as the rest, because 700 thousand pieces are produced every year. One Rolex costs 6 thousand Swiss francs.
  1. In 1735 a Blancpain watch appeared. This model costs 10 thousand francs, but it is extremely unique – only 16.5 thousand pieces are produced annually.
  1. Cartier – Tank, this beautiful watch was created in 1847, its mechanism will certainly delight many a watch connoisseur. It is produced in 350 thousand copies per year, and its price does not exceed 5 thousand Swiss francs.
  1. Jaeger-LeCoultre – Reverso is a classic on the Swiss market. The first model of this watch appeared in 1833. 65 thousand of these watches are produced every year. The cost of one is 6 thousand Swiss francs.
  1. Parmigiani Fleurier model – Kalpa. This is one of the youngest brands in this list. The first copies were created in 1996, but they immediately gained sympathy and recognition. 5 thousand watches – only so many pieces are produced annually. Their price is 8 thousand francs per piece.
  1. Piaget – Altiplano is a watch that was created in 1874. It is very elegant and this distinguishes it. Annually 20 thousand watches are put on the market. It costs a bagatelle 14 thousand francs.

Watches have always been an indicator of prestige. The models presented in the list are not only great in terms of mechanism, but also unique.

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