What closet items can make your look seem cheap?

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Styling in a hurry is not always the right choice. You think that classic stilettos, which you have had in your closet for a long time, will emphasize your style and chic. You are so attached to them that you don’t even notice that they are worn out and their tips are scratched. How to compose your outfit and what mistakes to avoid in order not to look cheap?

Avoid clothes made of cheap materials

Not only your look will seem cheap, but additionally your skin will suffer all day long. You often think that expensive, well-known brands must use high-quality materials. Nothing could be further from the truth. And companies that use good quality materials to make clothes do not have to ruin your wallet.

Pay attention to the material and its weight

Cheap material that shows through even though it was not meant to be is one of the biggest gaffes. Companies save on materials and hence their low weight. A see-through material will not make a good impression. Weight is one of the basic measurements in tailoring and it means the weight of fabric measuring 1 × 1 m. Hence, it is easy to guess that the higher the grammage, the better the fabric. Also, choose a fabric that dust and pet hair will not stick to. Pay attention to quality so that you don’t get rid of things after just one wash. Wrinkles look cheap.

Speaking of see-through fabrics, the worst are leggings worn with shirts and sweaters that end at stomach level. Remember, stretchy materials stretch after a while and start looking bad. The same goes for stretched jeans – they definitely won’t look sexy.

The same goes for blouses and sweaters. Until this style became fashionable, it looked unattractive and cheap. Clean and ironed garments will always look more stylish than a ripped and stretched sweater or blouse.

Sequins, rhinestones, buttons

Clothes with sequins are eye-catching. The big disadvantage is that sequins tend to fall out and break, which makes them look bad after some time. If you are an advocate of minimalism and responsible consumerism, avoid this type of clothing

Buttons or other shiny things that hang on the last thread are undoubtedly something you cannot afford. Hidden under the fabric, buttons give the impression of a better finished garment and add elegance


They can also do a lot of harm to your style. Worn and worn-out stiletto tips or shoe lasts, which have hit the dance floor several hundred times and look worn out. In this case you should also pay attention to the material the shoes are made of. Leather stilettos will last longer than their suede counterparts. If you want your stilettos to look more tasteful and luxurious, think about buying black ones with red soles.

Cartoon and movie characters on clothes

At a certain age, you can’t imagine anything better. The truth, unfortunately, is that a sweatshirt with Homer Simpson, no matter how ridiculous, will look cheap. Mickey Mouse may be our childhood idol, but it will be better if you keep her image on your pajamas than on a T-shirt or a dress

Cheap jewelry

Necklaces, earrings and bracelets from chain stores can unintentionally ruin the best and most sophisticated outfit. Strong yellow accessories pretending to be gold look bad

Handbags and wallets from exotic vacations

Louis Vuitton for 50 PLN? Dolce & Gabbana for 10 euros? Don’t bring yourself or your friends such souvenirs from vacations. These things always look bad. After a moment of admiration you will surely come to a moment when you will decide that buying something like that was a big mistake. It is worth mentioning that things with inscriptions such as: I was in Miami; Mallorca 2020 – will work at most on the beach

The key to success is moderation and balance. Neat clothes on a neat person will always look good and classy. It is worth remembering this

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