How to choose a shirt for a wedding?

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The right color, cut, and size of shirt for your wedding will allow you to look great and have a comfortable time.

The shirt is the backdrop for the entire suit and no matter what stage of the party you are at, you will be wearing it the entire time. That’s why it should be impeccable and fit with care. Many gentlemen don’t pay much attention to the shirt. By reaching for the first shirt you can find, you can commit a fashion faux-pas. How to avoid a slip-up?

Shirt color for the groom

Due to the high solemnity of an event like a wedding, a white shirt is required for the groom. Other acceptable options include champagne, ecru or cream colors.

It is worth debunking at this point the popular stereotype proclaiming the necessity of matching the groom’s shirt to the bride’s dress. The woman’s creation is usually bought beforehand and the man is imposed to adjust. However, there is no such need. A slight difference in shade will not be noticed by anyone. Choose one that will best match the suit and your complexion, one in which you will feel comfortable.

What cut of shirt to choose for the wedding suit?

  • Cut – the groom’s shirt should be very elegant with a formal cut. Men with a slim figure can afford a slim fit cut. It is a slim fit shirt, emphasizing the figure. Overweight men look best in regular fit models. They are simple and very classic.
  • Collar – For such an occasion as a wedding, an Italian collar will be perfect. It is considered to be very elegant and should always be worn with a tie. If you opt for a fly, reach for a shirt with a semi-Italian or kent collar. The most formal shirt that goes with a tailcoat and tuxedo is a shirt with a breakaway collar.
  • Cuffs men ‘s wedding shirts always have a French cuff that fastens with a pin.
  • Sleeve – unfortunately, regardless of the weather, only a long-sleeved shirt is in good taste for such an occasion.

Shirt for the wedding guest

If you are going to someone else’s wedding, your attire should still be very elegant, emphasizing the solemnity of the event. The most popular choice is a white shirt, which goes with any type and model of suit. However, you should also consider a bolder color. Don’t be afraid of blue, green, or pink or intense red as long as you look cohesive as a couple. Of course, the shirt must also match the color of the suit. Consider a subtle pattern on your shirt. Delicate stripes or checks can add variety to your look and make you stand out.

As a guest, choose a shirt with a classic Kent, Italian or semi-Italian collar. All of them look great when paired with a tie.

How to choose a shirt size?

A shirt for a wedding must be very formal, but at the same time give a sense of freedom. Only the right size will allow you to go wild on the dance floor until dawn. The bottom of the shirt should not slip out of the pants, even while dancing, so, first of all, choose its size according to your height.

Another parameter is the size of the collar. To avoid pressure and discomfort, check whether you can freely put your finger between the collar and your neck after buttoning it up. When buying a shirt online, measure the circumference of your neck, loosening the tape measure accordingly.

In your search for a comfortable and quality shirt, check out MILER Menswearat In addition to your height and neck circumference, measure your waist, hips, chest and sleeve length before you buy. Use the size chart to find the perfect shirt for your figure.

It is sensible for many men to take a second shirt with them to the wedding, just in case. It is useful especially during hot weather, but also in case of possible dirt.

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