Men’s fashion trends that are already passé

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If you want to look attractive and make a good impression on the fair sex, it is worth at least a little delving into the subject of men’s fashion. If only to know what not to wear anymore.

Square cut blazers

And although you can still see this cut on some catwalks, more and more people are moving away from the boxy-square cuts of jackets straight from the 80s. Currently in fashion are more tailored, loose-fitting models, which are designed to emphasize the assets of the male figure, while providing comfort and freedom of movement.

Fitted winter coat

Forget about a dark and overly fitted winter coat. Looser outer garment is a great opportunity to dress on the onion and create original styling, which will conquer the city. Loose-fitting winter coat that adds a touch of mystery or sporty parka-style jacket are all the rage!

Men’s high-waisted pants

Of course, trends come back like a boomerang, but high-waisted pants should be put away at least for a while. Instead, the top trends are back with legs of a relatively wide form, although not so wide as to resemble sails.

On men’s catwalks we can see slightly wilder forms, unruly, sometimes slightly too short. The cut of the pants is supposed to provide comfort and allow for easy creation of the outfit. It is worth remembering, however, that if you choose a T-shirt, it should flow loosely over pants.

Colors – yes, but do not overdo them

What is obvious at first glance – the end of the fashion for different colors from head to toe. The trend is still delicate, even bleached colors, but even with them it is worth to be moderate and careful

Subdued, earthy colors, which are associated with naturalness and nature, are back in favor. A perfect suggestion is to combine a pastel shirt with pants and shoes in neutral colors. Remember, even bright pink can be played well if you pair it with pants in a military tone.

Back to pants, forget the overalls

Until recently, you could see many men wearing overalls confusingly similar to work outfits, and while it was a heavily masculine piece of clothing, it’s worth forgetting about it now. Invest in quality pants, and to maintain your bad boy image, just opt for a model of chinos or other pants with a slightly looser form. All shades of military green and colors of nature will work perfectly: beiges, browns and grays.

Boring scarf and other accessories

So far underestimated element of clothing, namely the scarf. If it does appear on a man’s neck it usually does not match the whole outfit at all. Put on the shelf a boring scarf and bet on the one in an unconventional approach. An excellent choice will be a slightly crazy one, standing out in color or pattern, combined with high-quality leather gloves. We can also mention that leather will become a material that will mix things up a bit, and it will definitely add variety to the men’s closet in 2021.

The less the better

The era of minimalism has arrived. Forget about wearing shirts or denim katanas to which you had numerous prints, patches and pins attached. The trend is back to basics, which means the less complicated the outfit, the more you’ll fit in with the current men’s fashion trends. And although a monochrome outfit gives a slightly more serious look, the right combination of closet elements will help to emphasise individuality.

Remember, however, that trends change faster than the seasons, so don’t throw away clothes that don’t fit in with the current top trends. There is a really good chance that what is considered out of fashion will soon be back in style. And if you want timeless style, invest in classics. It never goes out of fashion.

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