Are your new summer shoes bruising you? Apply our tips and the problem will disappear!

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You fell in love with those shoes at first sight, and they … turned out to be uncomfortable? Do not write them off. There will be a way for everything.

Abrasive shoes – this problem is familiar to many people!

Nothing makes walking freely more miserable than abrasive shoes. But who among us has not happened to buy a pair of stilettos or moccasins, which looked beautiful, but turned out to be not quite comfortable? Unfortunately, walking in such shoes is a real ordeal, and we can’t always or don’t always want to return them. Spring is the time of buying new shoes and it’s easy to have a mishap of this kind. Fortunately, there are ways for everything – meet ours!

Shoes rub off – why does it happen?

You think you have chosen the right size of shoes, but they nevertheless rub off? Most often the cause is the material from which the shoes are made. Often it is wrong, which comes out only in prolonged contact with the foot. This happens even in the case of leather, which, although considered the best material, can be simply hard. Sometimes we also have to deal with very poor quality footwear. Another thing is that it happens nevertheless that the size of footwear is wrong – too small or simply unsuitable for a wide or narrow foot. There can be many reasons for this situation, but it’s always a shame when beautiful shoes are about to go to waste!

Reach for shoe stretching spray

Did you know that there is such a thing as a shoe stretching spray? It’s a real must-have at home! If every one of us had such a product, it would avoid many disappointments. With a shoe stretching spray, you can easily soften the hard material from which your shoes were sewn. The procedure is simple: you spray the inside of your shoes and wait a few hours. The action should be repeated several times to achieve the desired effect.

Make use of… socks!

That’s right! You can stretch your shoes with the help of socks. Put them on your feet and then put on your shoes. Walk around the house this way for 10-15 minutes a day. You need a few days for the shoes to stretch.

Put the shoes in the freezer

You may have heard of this method. The idea is to put a bag tightly filled with water in each shoe – and put such shoes in the freezer overnight. How does it work? The frozen liquid increases in size, so on occasion it will contribute to stretching the shoe.

Ask for help from a cobbler

You should also think about getting help from a professional. A shoemaker has tools in his workshop, with which he can easily stretch shoes. So if you don’t want to do it yourself, a trip to him is a very good idea.

How to prevent the shoes from getting bruised?

Well, we already know what to do to stretch shoes. However, before we succeed, there is a risk of injuring our feet. Gel shoe insoles are definitely something you should always have at home, or even in your purse, to apply them when you find after you’ve gone out that your new shoes are not the most comfortable!

main photo: & Hailey George

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