10 trends for spring-summer 2021

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Spring is approaching, the favorite season of many people. Everything wakes up to life and takes on colors. It is time to change your closet. We check what will be fashionable this season!

When the sun shines pleasantly outside the window and temperatures start to rise – it is a sign that the desired spring is coming and with it new fashion trends. We check what dominated this year’s catwalks, including the virtual ones (many shows could not take place in the traditional form due to the coronavirus)

1. Romance creeps into closets

This year’s spring-summer season is undoubtedly the return of romantic dresses, which we will wear not only during lovemaking, but also on many other occasions. Molly Goddard proposes light cuts in the color of bleached yellow, Simone Rocha – decorated with subtle black lace, and Cecilie Bahnsen offers cuts completely white, without any decorations. Dior, Valentino and Isabel Marant encourage to choose the most sensual, tempting, slightly transparent creations, which encourage flirting. The choice is really vast, so check if you have such a dress in your closet!

2. Pink in all shades

In recent seasons powder pink was the most popular colour, now all its shades are in – from very delicate to strong and expressive. This color will be present on almost all items of clothing – blouses, pants, jackets, dresses, skirts and even shoes. This color will enliven every styling. Such proposals can be found in the collections of Chanel, Prada, Molly Goddard, Chloe, Roksandra and Halpern, among others.

3. Positive and rainbow-coloured

After the winter greyness, we all seem to be longing for color. And this spring-summer season will be really expressive. Many designers even focused on rainbow patterns. Short shirts with colorful stripes, shorts, skirts, tops can be found, for example, in the offer of Versace, while Christopher John Rogers offers multicolored sweaters and knitted/woven maxi dresses. Rainbow patterns can be worn without limitation, designers and stylists encourage you to play with fashion and combine them with other colors, not only with classic black. It should be really positive!

4. Classic beige for everyday and work

2020 was the year of the home office because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is also reflected in the current trends, as many designers have opted for practical solutions. Thus, Louis Vuitton and Hermes presented on the catwalks clothes which were ideal for work, yet universal – in beige, white or grey shades. Dior, Chloé and Altuzarra opted for a slightly looser corporate dress code, which will also work at home!

5. Minimalism meets decadence

Minimalism is still in vogue, but this season it will undoubtedly romance with decadence. This means that we will wear for example classic shirts with small collars combined with trainers, checked blazers and baseball caps, but such styling should always be complemented with something eye-catching – e.g. something pink, as proposed by Valentino, or asymmetrical and creased, as in the case of Jacquemus

6. Buffs are a hit again

Buffets reign again, even inflated ones. They are mainly promoted by Patou, Altuzarra, Lanvin and Cecilie Bahnsen. The most popular are shirts and dresses, but we can also find buffet tops and coats. Best of all, they should be romantic-retro!

7. A low waist? Yes!

For years, the noughties-era celebrity style of the low waist was considered kitsch. Nowadays, quite the opposite is true! The biggest fashion houses such as Versace, Denci, and Balmain offer these styles. Does this mean that we will all soon look like Christina Aguilera many years ago?

8. Tracksuits in any edition

Most of us have spent the past year in tracksuits. No wonder they have evolved in such a way that today we can easily find pants or sweatshirts in which it is appropriate (and even worthwhile) to show up on the street. Miu Miu offers, for example, two-coloured sets with stripes and a collar, whereas in the Balenciaga collection we can find uniforms inspired by suits

9. Holes and mesh

Burberry, Givenchy, Prada and Balenciaga encourage us to wear clothes with holes or made of mesh, which, needless to say, reveal more than they conceal. Cut-outs, preferably in untypical places e.g. on the back, or in the form of inverted necklines are a real hit

10. Fitted cuts

Blouses and pants that are tight to the body will now enjoy popularity. Some are really tight. So it is worth taking care of your figure now, so you can look good in such combinations. Tight models of blouses, tops and other garments can be found in collections by Chanel, Miu Miu, Prada and Marine Serre

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