What perfume to choose for summer?

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Summer has already started to spoil us with its beautiful weather. Perfumes that we use in autumn or winter do not match the summer climate. What to follow when choosing the summer fragrances?

Why change the perfume for the summer is the same benefits?

For most people, the shelf with perfumes looks very similar throughout the year: we quickly get attached to one or two fragrances and use them for years. However, it is worth broadening our perfumery horizons and adjusting fragrances not only to circumstances, but also to season.

Summer aromas

Summer is associated with beaches, the sea, romantic evenings and fruit. Scents are associated with different memories. Often when we smell a particular aroma we recall our first kiss or a wonderful time with our family.

Scents play a big role in our lives, so it is a good idea to match them with a specific season. In winter, heavy aromas will be better, and in summer lighter, floral with a note of freshness. It is also good to note that cedar and musk notes will react badly to high temperatures and can be unpleasant for people around us. It is better to bet on caprices that have a light aroma.

Fresh summer perfume

Does the perfect summer fragrance exist? Everything depends on our tastes and the sense of smell that we have. It is worth thinking about what we associate summer with. In the subconscious mind, sweetness, juicy fruit, light flowers on the water, sea breeze, the smell of wind in the mountains or golden sand can show up. In the summer we can feel freer, not only in terms of clothing, but also the smell.

Choosing a composition for yourself, you can go to a perfume shop, where a salesman with an absolute sense of smell will help us choose the scent to our liking. At the beginning, he will ask about your favorite things and himself suggest appropriate proportions and additional ingredients. At the end, we will have a smell test after contact with our skin.

It is important that the smell is not too intense, because the skin sweats more in the summer and the perfume can have too bland aroma.

Summer scents should be primarily delicate, with a sweet note and a pinch of pepper. Tea notes or the smell of cactus will also work great

Does anyone else remember what lemongrass smells like? You bet! After all, it is found in many fragrances available in drugstores and, just during the vacations, it will go beautifully with heated skin. Add to that light coconut and vanilla, which additionally repels insects, including annoying mosquitoes.

Places ideal for fragrance

It is certainly important to remember that the places where the perfume will be, it is more difficult to tan. Alcohol will block this process. It is best to apply the aroma in small amounts to sensitive areas – on the inside of the wrists, behind the ears and between the breasts. You can alternatively use a fragrance mist, which does not contain such a high concentration of alcohol.

You can also be tempted to treat the head with perfume, but only at the back and under the hair. In this place the perfume lasts very long. The smell is also emitted by lotions, which we use more in the summer, it is good to remember that they were matched to the perfume.

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