3 elegant date outfit ideas

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Valentine’s Day – the annual holiday of love, where both couples and singles invite each other out on dates – is coming soon. So it’s worth thinking about what you’ll wear to meet your other half or candidate for that matter. Since it’s still winter and outdoor dates are hard to come by, we’ll focus on elegant outfits for a restaurant or theater. Here are our suggestions!

Romantic floral dress

Winter does not exclude the possibility of wearing colorful clothes and floral motifs. However, it is important that the dresses you choose are appropriate for the weather. So if you want, bet on romantic flowers, but also long sleeves and thick tights. Frilly sleeves are also making a tentative comeback, so while you still have time, browse the stores for dresses with this cut. Winter is also the time for midi dresses, so if this style suits you, go for it!

Match with knee-high boots or low heeled boots, depending on the weather. Throw a warm winter coat on top and take your purse with you. The outfit is versatile enough to be suitable for a casual movie date or an elegant restaurant outing

Sexy, tight-fitting dress

If you like to accentuate your figure and feel comfortable in tight clothes, wear a tight-fitting dress on a date. Black and red are the most obvious colors to choose, but a dress in light beige or a dark shade of bottle green will also look great

Don’t rather choose strong neon colors, because in winter, especially on a tight dress, they can look a bit kitschy, better to leave such colors for summer. You can buy beautiful dresses that emphasize your figure at

Such a dress will go well with stilettos or high-heeled boots. Add a clutch bag, maybe with some glitter or a big, golden buckle to complete the look. Complete the outfit with red lipstick and your partner will surely go crazy when he sees you. This outfit is perfect for the theater, a banquet or a blind date!

Women’s suit

For ladies who like to wear pants, but at the same time don’t want to give up their femininity, a women’s suit is the perfect choice. Tight pants emphasize shapely legs, while the jacket optically narrows the waist. If you are daring, wear an oversized jacket and… nothing underneath. An exposed, narrow, but deep neckline will make the outfit not only elegant, but also sexy

The most fashionable suit lately is white, but dirty pink, black or pistachio green will also work. You may additionally fasten the jacket under the bust with a wide belt with a large buckle, which lengthens the silhouette slightly and makes the outfit more interesting. Match with stiletto heels and a clutch bag with a thin chain. You may wear this outfit to a dinner at home, to a party or to an evening at a five-star hotel.

Dating, on Valentine’s Day and beyond, is an opportunity to celebrate your love, but also to arouse feelings. An outfit that is both elegant and sexy will help you dazzle your partner and make them fall in love with you all over again or for the first time. Don’t be afraid to emphasize your feminine assets and use the charm that nature has given you.

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