Everything you should know about shoe care

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Shoes are not only an important part of our styling, but also of our overall image. They should always be clean and neat, no matter how often they are used. How to take care of them properly? We suggest!

Waterproofing – after purchase and before the season

Protection of shoes right after purchase and also before the season (especially winter) is an obligatory point of care, which should not be omitted under any circumstances. A special impregnation (adapted to the type of footwear material) provides effective protection, first of all, against moisture and dirt. In addition, it will make the pair of shoes last even in difficult weather conditions.

When choosing an impregnator, you should be guided not only by the type of material for which it is intended, but also by the color. It is safest to choose the colorless ones in spray or wax, unless you have all black shoes – then the black ones should not do any damage.

And when it comes to the protection process itself, you should absolutely follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and then let the shoes dry completely.

How do you clean leather shoes? Is it the same for all of them?

It is a well-known fact that leather shoes are appreciated not only among women, but also among men. They work well even for the most demanding users. They are soft, comfortable, adapt to the shape of the foot, ensure air circulation, and at the same time look great for a long time and age “nicely”

Four types of leather are most often used in footwear production: grain leather (smooth cowhide or calfskin), patent leather, suede leather and nubuck leather. Each is slightly different – it reacts differently to weather conditions and scratches. They should also be treated a little differently.

First of all, any dirt should be removed right away. As in the case of any other stain (whether on clothing or on a surface), a dried stain is much more difficult to remove. A damp cloth will come in handy. As far as suede and nubuck shoes are concerned, the stains should be removed dry, by combing them out with a special brush and remover. Brushing will not only remove dust and dirt, but also arrange the hair.

Let’s also not forget to take care of the soles. It usually has many grooves and folds where dirt and pebbles collect, which can dig into it, causing minor damage.

What about polishing and waxing the shoes?

After a thorough cleaning, we can move on to the next, equally important, step, which is pasting the shoes – not only the whole surface, but also the tongue and the heel. It is necessary to protect the leather of shoes against cracking and to nourish it. Moreover, such treatment helps to cover up possible scratches or other damages. Finally, it is good to wax them to achieve a beautiful shine.

How to use and store men’s shoes?

Shoe care does not only mean impregnating, cleaning and polishing, but also using and storing them.

You should remember that after a whole day of wearing a given pair, you should let it “rest” for another 24 hours. Then the moisture will completely evaporate, the seams will straighten out. You can also use a special scented spray. When putting them on, you should untie the laces and use a wooden spoon, thanks to which you will protect the heels from deformation and damage.

Shoes should be stored away from heat sources or damp places, next to each other and not on top of each other. The proper shape of shoes will help to keep them in the right place. If you are not going to wear them in a given season, it is best to hide them in a dustproof bag or box.

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