Veja – vegan sneakers that trendsetters loved

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Sporty sneakers are experiencing a real renaissance right now. This type of footwear is worn by everyone both for sporty and casual outfits. More and more influencers are opting for products made from ecological materials. Handbags made of pineapple skin, leggings made of plastic bottles or shoes made of vegan materials have recently become popular. Sneakers from Veja, a fair trade brand that creates products in accordance with the principles of fair trade, are making waves. Their vegan sneaker models are at the top of the fashion charts. Among others, Meghan Markle has them in her closet

Veja – a company that focuses on the environment

In the 21st century most consumers make conscious fashion choices that do not contribute to the deterioration of the environment. Thanks to such consumer attitudes, brands that are transparent and operate in accordance with the principles of fair trade are gaining popularity. A huge hit of the last few years are shoes from the French company Veja, which creates excellent products made from vegan equivalents such as organic cotton. The owners want their shoes to be of good quality and their employees to be well paid, which is why the price of these products is much higher than what we are used to from chain stores. It is worth knowing that Veja has all the certificates proving that it is a fully organic brand that does not contribute to animal suffering. It is worth adding that such documents are really hard to get

Why did Veja sneakers become a global phenomenon?

Several key factors have contributed to the success of Veja shoes:

1. The trend for sporty sneakers

Certainly one of them is that fashionable, sporty shoes were and are currently a must have for every well-dressed woman. We wear them with jeans as well as shorts or flowy dresses. It is great that stylish shoes can be so comfortable and functional at the same time. Shoes from the brand Veja can often be found on the feet of Parisians or fashionable Berliners.

2. Design

The second factor that makes vegan sneakers so popular is their simple, minimalist design. The white shoes with the black distinctive logo are a great choice for people who love classics and timeless solutions. Thanks to this, this model fits many styles, both casual and elegant. One pair of sneakers gives so many possibilities and allows you to play with fashion and create styles that will attract attention. The shoes are extremely lightweight, so they are perfect for urban outfits.

3. Using vegan materials for production

Cotton sourced from small, family-owned farms in Brazil, where the production takes place, was used to make the shoes. The company is very transparent about it and openly says where it gets all the raw materials used in its designs. Currently, we can find in their offer vegan shoes, which are produced without any products or materials of animal origin. It is interesting that the Veja brand does not invest in marketing – most of the funds go to production. The company also does not stock its shoes, rather it produces a quantity to match customer demand

4. They’re worn by celebrities

Sneakers from French brand Veja are loved by celebrities. Meghan Markle, Emma Watson, Katie Holmes or Emily Ratajkowski, among others, could be seen wearing the trendy shoes with the characteristic V. All the ladies mentioned here love minimalism and their styles are always impressive.

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