Athletic shoes – what to wear them with in the summer?

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Sports shoes don’t only go well with outfits intended for the gym. Today it is fashionable to wear them with everyday outfits as well. However, many men find it difficult to match their sports shoes with summer clothing.

We suggest how to fully utilize the potential of your closet without sacrificing style for comfort.

Smart casual for work

The smart casual style combines impeccable professionalism with usefulness. It incorporates both features of traditional formal attire and elements of casual fashion, making it a versatile choice for warm days at work for the earning man. The key when planning a smart casual look is to achieve a show-off look, but in a way that feels like it requires no effort on your part.

A great example of this combination is a classic white shirt matched with sneakers. Sleek but made of lightweight material pants and a jacket thrown over your shoulders will complete the look. If you want to impress others, go for dark, contrasting colors; if you prefer a quieter look, compose your outfit using clothes in dirty shades.

Remember to choose reputable sports shoes. Whether you opt for a product from a well-recognized mainstream brand or a niche but luxurious fashion house, high-quality shoes will make you appear as a person who cares about his image.

And for a vacation?

Away from the hustle and bustle of the workplace, you can let go of wearing long pants or tight shirts on hot days. Pay special attention to the colors of your outfits. When you match sneakers with shorts, under no circumstances decide on dark shorts.

What comes to mind when you think of June vacations? It’s not likely to be dark, heavy colors. Vacation style is characterized by bright, clean colors and transparent cuts that do not absorb sunlight. Therefore, choose light-colored short shorts to match your athletic shoes.

The material of your outfit is also important. Choose thin, airy clothes, preferably those that do not cling tightly to your body. This does not mean that you are forced to wear oversize shirts. If you are a fan of less casual styles, choose a Hawaiian shirt or a top woven from fabric that is layered in folds – it will give your silhouette an impression of lightness.

When going out on the town

When going out on the town, you want to feel casual and comfortable while continuing to look exemplary. Neither short shorts nor smart pants will work here. A good golden mean between these two choices is jeans.

If you’re going for a more vacation style, go for bright colors. White DC shoes combined with blue jeans will give your look a fresh look. Add a plain T-shirt. Let your creativity flow and personalize your outfit to express who you are. An interesting print on a T-shirt or a watch in bold, bright colors will make you a real eye-catcher. Remember, however, that less is more – if you decide to use too many unusual or flashy elements in your outfit, it will look chaotic instead of interesting.

When you choose a non-standard color combination, keep your color palette in mind. To combine different colors in a way that they compliment each other rather than clash, pair shades that are on the palette in opposition to each other. Yellow Adidas will pair beautifully with purple, while matching dark blue with red will give both a boost.

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