Lake Como – the holiday retreat of the stars

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It has a distinctive stretched Y shape, magnificent surroundings and lush vegetation. It is a paradise for the rich and not only, but especially for those who want to relax and enjoy the unique panoramas.

Lake Como – a paradise place in the Alps

Lake Como, or rather Lago di Como, is located in the Italian Lombardy, between the high parts of the Alps and covers an area of 146 km2. It has been called the most beautiful lake in the country, if not the whole world. It is also one of the deepest lakes of its kind, with a maximum depth of 425 meters.

It is green almost all year round, which, combined with a perfect water surface, gives a strong aesthetic impression.

The lake is also famous for the possibility of visiting beautiful villas with centuries of tradition and unique botanical gardens. There are real architectural gems here.

There will also be a treat for movie lovers. It is here, in the huge Villa del Balbianello recorded, among others, “Casino Royale” from a series of films with James Bond, as well as “Star Wars: Part II – Attack of the Clones” and the thriller “Oceans’ Twelve” with George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

What to see around Lake Como in Italy?

Lake Como is set among picturesque towns that are a must-see. The aforementioned villas have been partially converted into museums, while some tourists can only look at the gardens. Still others are a hotel, so to enter them, you need to pay for accommodation – of course, considerable money.

These places are worth seeing:

– Villa Monastero (Varenna) with a botanical garden over a kilometer long and a 19th century ballroom;

– Villa Carlotta (Tremezzina) famous for its numerous works of art,

– Villa del Balbianello (Lenno) famous for the James Bond movie and Star Wars,

– Villa Serbelloni (Bellagio) with rich vegetation and an excellent view of the lake,

– Villa L’Oleandra (Laglio), which thanks to its owner is one of the most photographed houses,

– the Civera stone bridge with its waterfall and ravine,

– the ruins of the 11th century Vezio Castle (Castello di Vezio) above Varenna,

– the entire town of Bellagio, which is called the pearl of Lake Como.

Luxury villas of celebrities on Lake Como

Many celebrities and rich businessmen and politicians not only live in luxury villas on a daily basis – beautiful and equipped with a number of amenities – but also have their holiday homes in beautiful places. One of them is Italy’s Lake Como, which has attracted a number of world-famous people.

The summer residence of Amal and George Clooney (who incidentally fell in love with the area during the shooting of the film). XVIII-century Villa L’Oleandra has over 20 rooms, it also has a tennis court and a gym. A few years ago the actors hosted there, among others, the Duchess and the Duke of Sussex, that is Meghan and Harry.

The famous designer Gianni Versace also had his palace here, which continued to remain in the family’s estate after his death.

In addition, famous people such as Madonna, Brad Pitt, Sylvester Stallone, Liam Gallagher, Matthew Bellamy, Ronaldinho, Richard Branson, Julian Lennon and John Kerry also have their homes or enjoy vacationing at Lake Como.

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