How do I use hats to complete my outfit?

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Headwear is an often underestimated element of a closet. However, it can be the key accessory that turns a good outfit into a great one.

We like to tell you how to match our popular hats with any outfit.

The baseball cap

You’ll recognize the helmet by its built-in peak and triangular profile, traditionally made of cotton or thick woolen yarn. The history of the helmet is an unusual one. In 1571, the British government decided that, in support of the shepherding industry, every man was required to wear a woollen hat on Sundays.

This law didn’t last long, but thanks to its simplicity and versatility, the woollen hat has become a timeless headwear. If you decide to incorporate it into a contemporary look, be frugal – too many retro pieces will make your outfit look more like a cheap costume than a carefully planned outfit. To add depth to your outfit, instead of going for crazy patterns or flashy colors, opt for layering.


In the early 1990s, French women saw the potential of the beret. Wearing it with a grace worthy of their status, celebrities such as Edith Piaf and American actress Lauren Bacall turned the headwear, which in the past was associated with commoners, into a fashion accessory appropriate for the upper classes as well.

This tendency of the beret to break down class boundaries can be seen repeatedly throughout history, as it was an integral part of social revolutions. The beret is therefore the headwear of choice for someone who is bored with the old and who is always on the lookout for new fashion. Sometimes going for a classic is just the innovation that modern trends need.

A beret goes with any outfit, as long as it is kept in an elegant style. To express your fiery temperament, reach for a beret in scarlet and match it with a black coat. The high contrast will ensure you attract the curious stares of others.

Baseball cap

The baseball cap is the familiar soft hat with a hard peak. Originally worn only by athletes, today it is used either as a fashion accessory or as reliable eye protection from the sun.

The baseball cap is a classic choice for any contemporary look. It looks best with sportswear, but it also goes well with the wide and loose-fitting clothes associated with urban style.

If you want to create a more elegant look, pair it with a hand embroidered sukajan jacket to add a pop of color to your outfit.


The gavroshka is a round, flat baseball cap made entirely of linen. It is the perfect cap for warm summer days, as it is light and airy, and its shape protects your head from the sun. If you are looking for something round and elegant, like a beret, but with enough protection from the sun like a baseball cap, then the gavroshka should be your choice.

The gavroche gets its name from Gavroche, a character in Victor Hugo’s novel described as “the atom of Paris.” The character was meant to symbolize (like the beret) the will to fight for social justice, openness and an optimistic approach to life. The beret is therefore a choice for people who appreciate expressing their personality through clothing. It is suitable both for everyday stylizations, such as simple jeans pants and a white shirt, as well as more exquisite, formal outfits. Light, summer outfit will be complemented by juicy yellow gavroshka.

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