Trendy hairstyles to wear on vacation

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Summer vacations are all about sun, relaxation and time well spent? We suggest how to dress stylishly and comfortably not only during the day, but also for the evening.

Bikers and a white shirt

White shirt is an absolute must-have in women’s closet. And we are not only talking about the fitted, rather formal one, but above all about the loose, oversized one, which can be styled in many ways.

A great option for vacations is to bet on longer cut, covering hips and buttocks, combined with extremely fashionable this season biker, that is leggings reaching to mid-thigh, or possibly to the knees.

The shirt can be nonchalantly unbuttoned to reveal cleavage, with rolled-up sleeves and equally popular flip-flops and pillow bag or baguette.

Bermudas for the evening

Vacations are not only about sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the pool or sightseeing. It is also evening dinners, parties and meetings with others. When planning an outfit for this occasion, it is worth choosing Bermuda shorts, which are shorts resembling suit pants in knee length. Depending on accessories, they can look more casual, as well as evening. They are also great for work.

Bermudas and a delicate strappy top will look really stylish. Match it with a small bag in a boxy form and this summer’s fashionable thin-strapped sandals.

Miniature Suits

This summer, social media was overloaded with outfits featuring suits. However, it is nothing like the trend from decades ago. Now the jacket is a mini, or even ultra mini version – it reaches barely to the bust, or waist. It looks like a loose, men’s jacket cut in half. For the set we have a short skirt.

Here we can go crazy with the pattern of this suit, remembering about high-heeled shoes to balance the proportions of the figure.

Yellow dress

Pantone Institute has chosen yellow as the leading color of 2021. We will see it especially in autumn looks, but it is already worth introducing it into your closet.

Loose dress in intensive yellow color with braided basket, comfortable flip-flops and a hat will be a perfect holiday outfit for different occasions. Looking at its centerpiece, we evoke sunshine, lemons and joyful time in our thoughts. The yellow dress is sure to brighten up any day.

Fringed vest

This year, influencers are going crazy with hairstyles in which different types of vests play the main role. What is more, fringes are back in style. You can find a combination of these two trends in stores, namely vests with tassels.

All you need to complete the look are high-waisted denim shorts, a plain top, sunglasses and espadrilles for your feet. This gives you a festival or holiday look.

Crop top

This list also includes the still very trendy short tops, which sometimes look more like underwear than a T-shirt.

What are the best combinations with crop tops? Sporty with tracksuit bottoms (or tracksuit shorts) and white sneakers or casual with the already mentioned bikers and oversized jacket.

We will also look equally stylish in a crop top, high-waisted shorts and a belt to emphasize the waist.

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