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Casual style for the office – what to wear?

Casual outfits for the office should be elegant, but not too formal. We suggest what clothes to choose to look great and feel comfortable.



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Men’s styling for the office should be elegant yet comfortable. That is why smart casual is the best solution. Find out how to choose the right clothes in this style, so you do not make a fashion faux-pas.

Smart casual – the perfect choice for the office

Smart casual is often referred to as sporty elegance. It combines formality with comfort, therefore it is a great option for the office. So what specific clothes are suitable?

Jacket, an absolute must

Let’s start with a sports jacket, which is something like the foundation of smart casual style. The best choice is of course the slim fit. For colder days, go for wool or thicker material reinforced with synthetic yarn, while linen jackets are perfect for summer. As far as colors are concerned, you can opt for timeless shades of grey or navy blue, but check or peplite are also very stylish options.


When it comes to the bottom of your outfit, chinos are the best choice. They are semi-formal and therefore suitable for everyday wear. You can freely combine them with jackets and shirts

Grey jackets should be matched with black or slightly lighter grey pants, dark grey or black models with navy blue jackets, beige or granite pants with blue jackets, navy, khaki or light grey pants with beige jackets.

Shirt or elegant sweater

A casual style cannot do without a shirt as well. However, in this case you can opt for a less formal model, for example with delicate micro patterns or gingham check. The best material is certainly oxford cotton with a thicker linen weave or linen. You should also opt for a model with a hidden button-down collar. It will make your shirt look great with or without a tie. Also, make sure you have at least 5 shirts in your closet – one for each day at work.

However, if it gets much colder, you can easily replace your shirt with an elegant sweater. The best choice is a fitted, thin model, especially turtlenecks or a sweater with a heart neckline. Minimalist sweaters in gray or navy blue are also great.

Office shoes

What kind of men ‘s shoes to choose for the office? Classic shoes, such as oxfords, derby or brogues, are the best choice. The latter are especially popular when it comes to smart casual style, because they are a bit less formal. They are characterized by decorative rosette perforations on the top, as well as stitching, openwork and serrated edges. As far as the color of shoes is concerned, black and brown are good choices for grain leather and all shades of brown for suede


Outerwear is an equally important element of styling. Outerwear for the office should be elegant and stylish. A great choice will be short, double-breasted coat inspired by classic petrol-coat in dark blue or herringbone grey. A husky jacket, with characteristic diamond-shaped quilting, will also be a good choice.

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Floral dresses 

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Short top and shorts

This styling is very classic and suitable for many occasions. With the right choice of top and shorts you will look unique. Decide on a colorful top – after all, summer is all about colors! Shorts can be classic denim, but also black or other. You can put the whole thing together with sneakers and a small backpack, but also with stilettos and a handbag. The choice is yours, and you are only limited by your imagination!

Long skirt and shirt

This is an elegant and classy styling. It will be suitable for more formal occasions. If you have a white shirt in your closet, then go to the store and buy a long skirt to go with it. Ideally, it should have an intense color. Maxi skirts are great for parties. Wear stilettos or espadrilles with it. Complete the whole look with a small handbag, which will be the icing on the cake.


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T-shirt style dresses

T-shirt style dresses are perfect for a casual summer party. During the vacations there are no small number of them – barbecues, bonfires and house parties reign supreme. T-shirt dresses go perfectly with sneakers and a kidney thrown over the shoulder. To this you can confidently wear a denim katana or even a sweatshirt. 

Floral jumpsuit

A floral jumpsuit is (like a floral dress) an ideal styling idea for a summer party. It can be even more comfortable than a dress, and just as stylish! This outfit, full of colors and patterns, will charm all the guests. What’s more, it will look great in combination with delicate jewelry. Let your legs be emphasized by black or beige stilettos, and the whole thing will be completed by a tasteful handbag. Such styling is immediately associated with summer!

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