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How to fit boots to women’s figure?

We suggest how to match boots to women’s figure!



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Women’s boots are classic and timeless footwear that adds chic to many outfits. However, in order to look feminine, you need to skillfully match this type of footwear to your figure type. How to do it?

Wondering what kind of uppers to choose if you have slightly thicker calves, or what heel to go for if you’re the lucky owner of slim legs? Don’t worry, we’ll help you decide which models of boots will suit you best.

What’s on trend?

Footwear trends are just as fashionable as fashion trends. What does this mean? It means that not every shoe fits every body type. This rule applies especially to winter shoes, namely timeless boots. They are a kind of built-in shoes and if we choose them wrongly, unfortunately they may have a negative influence on our complete styling

What should we pay attention to when choosing boots for our figure? First of all, the height and width of the upper, the material it was made of and the type of sole and heel – these parts of the shoe may play a significant role in how our body proportions will be perceived

Boots for slim and tall women

If you have long and slim legs, you can safely afford to choose high boots, even if they’re a different color than your pants or tights. However, if you want to balance your figure a bit more, go for flat heels or subtle stilettoes. Tall women look great in so-called bowler boots, i.e. knee-high boots. The owners of slim legs can afford both fitted or loose, crinkled upper. The top of boots for tall women should be rounded. Boots with long and sharp tips can unsightly elongate feet.

What kind of boots should petite women choose?

A good choice for petite women are boots on stiletto heels or stiletto heels, which will slim your silhouette even more. Remember not to wear platform shoes with slim legs. If you are short it is better to choose boots ending before the knee. Musketeers may unfortunately shorten legs optically. Keep in mind that slim legs will look good in light-colored boots.

Boots for plus size women

If you are a woman with fuller figure and you would like to look good in winter styling, you should choose shoes, which upper will match the color of the rest of your leg. Which boots to go for? Go for classic black, which is optically slimming. Remember that black tights combined with black boots will definitely enhance your figure. It is good if the upper ends a few centimeters below the knee. Avoid bowler hats, as well as loose and wrinkled ones, as they will widen your calf. Reach only for tight-fitting models. Suede boots, which are currently one of the most popular trends in footwear fashion, will be perfect.

Can well-chosen boots hide leg imperfections?

Of course yes! Short legs can be lengthened by putting on calf-high boots, but they should end before the knee. Suede models are perfect, as their thin material won’t widen your legs. Massive calves can be masked with a wide upper. Choose boots with a wide stiletto heel or platforms to help lengthen your legs

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How to style cowboy boots? They will still be hot in autumn!

Cowboy boots are a type of footwear that will be fashionable in the fall season. Check out what to pair them with to look great!



Cowboy boots are a type of footwear that once in a while comes back into fashion. This is what happened this season – cowboy boots are hot again! These boots add character to styling. You can love them or hate them. However, it is worth looking at cowboy boots and the styles of which they are a part. Maybe you, too, will be convinced to them. In this article you will learn how to style cowboy boots. 

Heeled cowboy boots and dresses

Cowboy boots look great when paired with airy clothes. They will look especially good with an autumn dress. Cowboy boots will go well with all kinds of dresses and skirts this season. They will be a good option for a short dress, because thanks to the heels they will optically lengthen your legs and make you look taller. They are also a great idea for maxi dresses – thanks to the heels, the material will not drag on the ground, and you will be comfortable. Cowboy boots look elegant and stylish, so any type of dresses will like them, whether it is an airy, evening or sporty creation. 

Cowgirls paired with a pleated skirt

Pleated skirt is a hit this fall. How about juxtaposing it with cowboy boots? It can be a great combination. Black pleated skirt midi version, colorful blouse and black cowboy boots. All complemented by an elegant handbag and sensational makeup. Such styling will look extravagant, and at the same time beautiful and fashionable. 

Cowboy boots and pants

You can also wear cowboy boots to a styling in which the main fiddle is played by pants. However, it is better to choose fitted ones, because mom jeans or other wide-legged pants can take away from the charm of cowgirls. It is best to combine black or brown boots with black pants. Let a white T-shirt or shirt and a denim katana complete the look. Combine this with abundant jewelry and delicate makeup and your styling for an autumn outing is ready!

Cowboy boots go well with a trench!

Trench is a closet item that almost every woman has in her closet. This type of garment looks great in combination with cowboy boots. If you choose a camel coat and boots in shades of brown and beige, you will look insane. What’s more, the whole thing will be in keeping with this season’s trends. You can complete the styling with your favorite shopper bag. 

What color shoes to choose?

Until a few years ago, everyone repeated the same rule – shoes must be the same color as the handbag and belt. Today we already know that it doesn’t work that way! Each of these accessories can be in a different color, and it still has the right to look good. It all depends on what you put on, what kind of jewelry and makeup you wear. Black platform shoes will look quite heavy. Keep this in mind, so as not to unnecessarily overload your styling. 

main photo: Coyne

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Are your new summer shoes bruising you? Apply our tips and the problem will disappear!

Are your new spring shoes bringing you a lot of pain? There are ways to deal with it – learn about them!



You fell in love with those shoes at first sight, and they … turned out to be uncomfortable? Do not write them off. There will be a way for everything.

Abrasive shoes – this problem is familiar to many people!

Nothing makes walking freely more miserable than abrasive shoes. But who among us has not happened to buy a pair of stilettos or moccasins, which looked beautiful, but turned out to be not quite comfortable? Unfortunately, walking in such shoes is a real ordeal, and we can’t always or don’t always want to return them. Spring is the time of buying new shoes and it’s easy to have a mishap of this kind. Fortunately, there are ways for everything – meet ours!

Shoes rub off – why does it happen?

You think you have chosen the right size of shoes, but they nevertheless rub off? Most often the cause is the material from which the shoes are made. Often it is wrong, which comes out only in prolonged contact with the foot. This happens even in the case of leather, which, although considered the best material, can be simply hard. Sometimes we also have to deal with very poor quality footwear. Another thing is that it happens nevertheless that the size of footwear is wrong – too small or simply unsuitable for a wide or narrow foot. There can be many reasons for this situation, but it’s always a shame when beautiful shoes are about to go to waste!

Reach for shoe stretching spray

Did you know that there is such a thing as a shoe stretching spray? It’s a real must-have at home! If every one of us had such a product, it would avoid many disappointments. With a shoe stretching spray, you can easily soften the hard material from which your shoes were sewn. The procedure is simple: you spray the inside of your shoes and wait a few hours. The action should be repeated several times to achieve the desired effect.

Make use of… socks!

That’s right! You can stretch your shoes with the help of socks. Put them on your feet and then put on your shoes. Walk around the house this way for 10-15 minutes a day. You need a few days for the shoes to stretch.

Put the shoes in the freezer

You may have heard of this method. The idea is to put a bag tightly filled with water in each shoe – and put such shoes in the freezer overnight. How does it work? The frozen liquid increases in size, so on occasion it will contribute to stretching the shoe.

Ask for help from a cobbler

You should also think about getting help from a professional. A shoemaker has tools in his workshop, with which he can easily stretch shoes. So if you don’t want to do it yourself, a trip to him is a very good idea.

How to prevent the shoes from getting bruised?

Well, we already know what to do to stretch shoes. However, before we succeed, there is a risk of injuring our feet. Gel shoe insoles are definitely something you should always have at home, or even in your purse, to apply them when you find after you’ve gone out that your new shoes are not the most comfortable!

main photo: & Hailey George

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How to wear over-the-knee boots to look fashionable and stylish?

Over-the-knee boots have been in fashion for a few seasons now! Check out how to wear them to look classy!



Over-the-knee boots are the latest fashion trend. Although they were initially considered extravagant and were approached with quite a distance, millions of women quickly fell in love with them. If you’re still not sure if over-the-knee boots will suit you, check out our tips!

Over-the-knee boots need no introduction. Most of us reach for them every winter, because they are extremely comfortable and warm. However, for a few seasons now, over-the-knee boots have become more and more popular. They are made for cold feet, because they perfectly protect against cold and moisture. If we wear them with heels, they optically slenderize and elongate our legs. There is no doubt that over-the-knee boots are eye-catching, so wearing them you will surely draw attention to yourself.

Over-the-knee boots – for whom?

Over-the-knee boots are certainly suitable for people of short and medium height. Such boots will make legs optically longer. If we want to add even more inches, we can reach for over-the-knee boots with heels.

People with strong or wide calves will also be satisfied with over-the-knee boots. Long upper will make sure the problematic parts of legs are cleverly covered. The cut which widens towards the knees will be the best in this role. In it the calf will not be tight and you will not see how thick it really is.

Owners of slim legs will also look great in knee-high boots. In their case, cut with a narrow upper will be the best. If you are afraid that the boots will slip while wearing, choose a model with a tie at the top, which will support the upper.

Over-the-knee boots for a dress

If you don’t know how to start your adventure with over-the-knee boots and what styling to wear them with, start by pairing them with a dress. The most important thing is that the dress should be short enough for you to show off the whole upper. There should be a visible gap between the end of the upper and the dress material, which will make the style look light and airy. If you want to look classy, choose boots made of suede and the dress sewn from a plain, solid material. It looks good when the color of dress contrasts strongly with color of shoes, so we suggest wearing red, green or blue dress with black boots.

Over-the-knee boots with skirt

Wearing over-the-knee boots with short skirt will also make a great fashion statement. The cut of the skirt is flexible – it can be close to the body or oversize. The most important is that, as in case of dress, it should fully expose the whole length of boots. Over-the-knee boots look great with leather skirts, pleated skirts or simple monochrome cuts.

Over-the-knee boots for long pants

Nothing prevents you from wearing over-the-knee boots with long pants as well. They can be classic blue jeans or pants made of other material, such as eco-leather. If you want to look good with such a combination, make sure the pants fit your figure and are wrinkle-free. You can wear an oversize sweatshirt or sweater with this style.

Main Photo: Kyle Cleveland/

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