Boots and boots – which models are hot this season?

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Autumn is the time of year when we eagerly reach for different models of boots and boots. After all, it is in these shoes that we will be warm and dry during the autumn rainy season. Which models are worth betting on this season?

Boots and boots are classics every autumn. When we choose the perfect model for us, we will be able to wear it on many occasions and in any weather.

Cowboy boots

A classic of the genre among autumn footwear: cowboy boots. For a few seasons now, cowboy boots in light colors have been the king: white, cool beige and warm caramel. When buying your favourite model, remember to choose the length of the upper according to the proportions of your figure

If you are not afraid of fashion experiments, choose openwork cowboy boots. They will go well with airy, romantic outfits, such as those in which the main role is played by a delicate A-line dress

Cowboy boots are especially popular with people who love boho style. Loose jeans, tassels and open-work vest is a boho set, where cowboy boots will fit perfectly.


Even though boots may remind you of your childhood, there is nothing to stop you from wearing them this fall! These lace-up boots with a high upper are conquering the fashion world. They can be worn with practically every outfit: with pants, dresses, skirts. Shoes are available on the market in many colors, which you can choose depending on the occasion. For more formal outings choose boots in classic, safe colors like black or brown. If you want to add a bit of craziness to your outfit, you can change laces in your boots for ones in crazy colors.

Boots with high upper

Booties with high upper are very popular every season because of their comfort and versatility. These boots will fit to almost every figure. It is enough to find appropriate length of the upper and the height of the heel. You will find in stores both boots on a platform, as well as on a heel and a stiletto. Regardless of your everyday style, you can choose boots in elegant style or referring to the grunge aesthetics.


What would autumn be without solid, waterproof trappers? Certainly something terrible, because trappers are a must-have for rainy weather. They are, above all, very durable, and we can wear them not only on mountain trips. They go perfectly with jeans and a parka jacket. However, nothing stands in the way of matching them with a dress or elegant autumn coat. If you want to add a few centimeters of height, put on trappers. Their thick sole will successfully replace the heel, and our foot will be comfortably positioned.

Booties with a pointed tip

The return to the fashion of the 2000s has been observed not since today. This fall it will also have a visible accent in the form of pointed boots. Although they evoke rather mixed feelings in some, it is worth to break through and have at least one pair in your closet. They are especially suitable for those who like to give their outfits an original, rebellious character. Pointed boots model the leg and make it visually slimmer. This model of shoes is especially appreciated by short ladies, because the elongated ending optically improves their silhouette. Pointed boots are often chosen by women for bigger occasions. In combination with a dress or skirt they create an original, but elegant and output styling.

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