What to wear to a business meeting?

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Business fashion has it that it is quite easy to make faux-pas. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ensure that your business meeting outfits are well thought-out and, above all, compliant with the dress code. We suggest what clothes are the best choice

Business meeting outfits should be elegant, professional and perfectly matched. It may turn out that choosing the right clothes is quite a challenge. We suggest what to wear to a business meeting.

A well-fitting suit – the absolute classic

If you have no idea what the office dress code is and you are not quite sure what to wear, a well-fitting suit will always be a safe, but extremely elegant solution. It is an absolute classic, which will always work in a business environment. However, which suit will be the best? The most traditional one, consisting of a jacket and pants. As for the color, models in shades of grey and navy blue will be an excellent choice

Smart casual style – ideal for the office

If you know that the meeting is not so formal that you need to wear a full suit, you can opt for smart casual style. It is a combination of chic and elegance with everyday comfort. In this style, you can therefore bet on sports jackets and chinos, or simply suit pants, which offers, for example, m-ceran fashion for men.

When it comes to pants, go for shades such as beige, black or grey. If you work in a less formal industry, you can also go for slightly livelier colors, but be careful, because it’s very easy to make a fashion mistake here. As far as the color of the jacket is concerned, it is best to choose one made of linen or cotton in natural colors and shades of grey. You may also choose a checked model.

Shirt – the basis of a business style

No business style would be right without a well chosen shirt. However, how to choose men’s shirts for a business meeting? First of all, it must be long-sleeved, unless you want to commit a total faux-pas – leave short-sleeved shirts rather deep in the closet. As for the color of the shirt, also bet on timeless solutions

The best and surest solution will be classic white and subtle blue. Both these colors look the most professional and will be a perfect base for styling for a business meeting. If you want to add some nonchalance, a shirt with horizontal stripes will also be an interesting choice for a plain suit. Of course, remember that a shirt only looks good when it is ironed and clean.

What accessories should I choose?

It is worth remembering that style, also business style, is also about accessories. Which ones should you choose in order to look elegant and professional? First of all, pay special attention to shoes. It is not without a reason that they are said to be a man’s calling card

Opt for classic shoes, oxfords or brogues. No less important than shoes is a tie. The basic rule is to choose a tie darker than your shirt. However, avoid very intense and patterned ties. An accessory that will give you an extra touch of professionalism is an elegant watch on a leather strap

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