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Perfume is nowadays like clothing. We choose them according to the season and our outfit. For evening outings we prefer strong fragrances, while on a warm summer day we put on refreshing aromas

Scents themselves are of great importance, they greatly affect our senses. The appearance of the flacon is also important. Manufacturers of perfumes focus on interesting bottles. Here are the most stunning proposals!

The most beautiful perfume bottles

Check out the most interesting perfume bottles on the market. Without a doubt, they will stay in your memory.

Imperial Majesty – Clive Christian

This is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world. Imperial Majesty is a perfume for the chosen ones, as it costs 215 thousand dollars. In the half-liter flacon, which was made of Baccarat crystal, there is a unique perfume with an original smell. The main decoration of the bottle, which is a 5-carat diamond embedded in 18-carat gold, is responsible for the price of the perfume. Impressive, right?

Midnight Rain – La Prairie

This flacon has a teardrop shape, which resembles the night sky. This was also the intention of the creator. A completely black flacon with glittering elements will delight many beauty connoisseurs. Such a bottle will be a beautiful decoration of the bathroom.

Purr – Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a very original star. So is the perfume she created. The shape of the flacon is a shiny purple cat, which attracts the eye with its sparkling eyes. This flacon is certainly mysterious and slightly dark, but also elegant and sophisticated. It will also work great for dog fans.

Prive Eclat De Jasmin – Giorgio Armani

The Prive Eclat De Jasmin perfume is a work of art in itself. The simple in form cuboid was topped with a plug imitating a gray stone. The minimalistic whole is complemented by a gold plaque on the front, on which the fragrance notes are written. It will fit perfectly on the dressing table of any elegant minimalist.

Baby Phat Fabulosity – Kimora Lee Simmons

This product was created with glitter lovers in mind. Every woman loves jewels and this flacon shines like them. It perfectly imitates an impressive diamond. It will make a great gift. It is luxurious and timeless, and the fragrance itself is very intriguing.

Classique – Jean Paul Gaultier

You can easily guess what inspired Jean Paul Gaultier to design this beautiful flacon. The feminine curves that this unique bottle pays tribute to are meant for women, while the imitation of a muscular torso is an option for men. The bottles are unusual and fit perfectly in the hand.

Play – Givenchy

Are you looking for something modern? There is also a proposal for the fans of new technologies – a bottle from Givenchy in the shape of an mp3 player. The whole bottle is made of transparent glass and complemented with silver glittering metal. The fragrance is designed for courageous men.

Perfume designers know very well how to attract attention. They design bottles with their recipients in mind, and their inspiration are often the things that surround us. Each of them is a small work of art that is good to have on your dressing table.

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