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Celebrity vacation homes. See how (and where!) celebrities vacation

Every celebrity needs a rest because working on a movie or an album is a very hard job. Check it out with us – where do stars spend their vacations?



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Celebrity vacations are no different from their everyday lives, which are lavished with luxuries. Not only foreign celebrities, but also domestic ones choose resorts that offer maximum privacy and the highest level of service!

Vacations with celebrities

The luxurious homes and residences of celebrities are reflected in vacation villas. Here are some of the places where celebrities relax:

Nice – Elton John’s beautiful villa

Sir Elton John and his family spend the holiday period in his 18 million worth mansion in Nice. The famous singer can also enjoy spending time with his friends: David and Victoria Beckham, Neil Patrick Harris and even Meghan and Harry Windsor.

The property, which Elton John bought in the 90s, is located on the hill of Castel Mont Alban. From the huge terrace you can enjoy the view of Nice and the French Riviera, while maintaining complete privacy. An additional attraction is the works that have been collected by this pop icon, as it is decorated with paintings by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

The Beckhams’ country house

It may seem strange, but David and Victoria Beckham appreciate country life. Hence their decision to buy a property in the Cotswolds in south-central England. The celebrity couple spent a huge amount of money, several million, to renovate the nine-bedroom house.

The village is not far from the estate of Princess Meghan, who is Victoria’s friend. In this part of England you can find many historic places and picturesque views straight from Jane Austen’s novels.

The Hamptons – Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite place

The beautiful summer residence of one of the biggest stars in the world, Gwyneth Paltrow, is located in the Hamptons. Interestingly, this is where she married one of her husbands Brad Falchuk. Gwyneth invites various celebrities and even princesses to her “humble” abode.

Intimate villa on Lake Como – Amal and George Clooney

The Clooney’s favorite place to relax and take a break from their responsibilities is their home on Lake Como. The villa bears a fabulous name – Villa L’Oleandra.

The property can accommodate the couple’s closest friends as it has 25 rooms! In addition, there is a swimming pool, a gym, and a tennis court. The Clooney’s are very hospitable, inviting various celebrities such as members of the royal family to their estate.

Villa on Mallorca, or vacations with Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas is undoubtedly one of the most famous people in the world. His wealth allows him to buy basically any property in the world. He chose Mallorca and the villa in Valldemossa, which he bought in 1989. In 2014, the property came back on the market, but after a few years the offer was taken down. The actor still owns it and often enjoys the comforts and charms of Mallorca.

How about a whole island?

Private islands are nothing new in the world of the fabulously rich. One of them was purchased by Richard Branson, the entrepreneur and billionaire. Necker Island is 74 acres and belongs to the Virgin Islands archipelago. The entrepreneur has turned it into a luxury resort where he enjoys hosting celebrities and stars.

Rhode Island – the estate of Taylor Swift

The young star, whose songs most of us hum, has purchased a huge summer mansion on the Rhode Island beach. The place is not short of luxurious parties with other celebrities and the rich. Luckily, they have plenty of space; the home comes with eight bedrooms and a 700-foot sandy beach.

Celebrity Favorites – St. Barts

St. Bartholomew Island is a favorite celebrity destination. It is located in the Lesser Antilles (Caribbean) and is not only fabulously beautiful but is also lined with luxury residences.

In an ideal world, the weather is always beautiful, the sky blue, and the drinks chilled, and that is exactly what you can find here. Plus the company of celebrities such as Michael Kors, Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani.

How about Normandy?

Deauville is a prestigious place by the sea. In the past, this part of Normandy was the place where the European elite entertained. Coco Chanel loved this place and called it the Parisian Riviera, from where she drew her fashion inspirations. Today this destination is loved by stars and celebrities from around the world. The icing on the cake is the neighborhood’s golf course and horse racing stadium.

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Autumn walks combined with a trip to the zoo

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Vacationing with a celebrity? These celebrities have their own hotels!

What celebrities have their own hotels? Find out the places that are owned by celebrities!



A lot of celebrities are choosing to own their own hotels or restaurants. The question arises, is the reason a business decision or perhaps luxury service at the highest quality?

Many of us wonder what absurd whims, outrageous excesses or hilarious requests celebrities have to their credit. Some celebrity whims have already passed into legend. Examples include Madonna, who demanded that the toilet seat be replaced after every bathroom visit, or John Travolta, who always took his own sheet with him when staying in a hotel overnight.

How did Leonardo DiCaprio get his start with his own hotels?

Number one among celebrities who own their own hotels is an eco-friendly resort created by Leonardo DiCaprio. It is located in the northern part of Belize on the Caribbean Sea. The actor, while vacationing on a neighboring island, fell in love with the place and decided to buy 42 acres of uninhabited land. Currently, the resort called Blackadore Caye is still under construction. DiCaprio didn’t choose this place by accident because he wants to revitalize the dilapidated and neglected land, thus restoring its natural beauty. Exactly the same dimension is to be found in the luxury resort, where visitors can undergo a spiritual transformation favoring the environment

Hugh Jackman and his place on earth – Gwinganna Health Retreat Hotel

The star of the movie “X-men” was so delighted with the luxury wellness resort in Australia that after his first visit he decided to buy part of the shares. The extraordinary hotel is located on a hill near the Gold Coast on Queensland’s east coast. There you can enjoy activities such as yoga, boxing, hiking or water ball. It is worth visiting this place not only because of the amazing climate and the possibility of active recreation. Gwinganna Health Retreat is characterized by an extraordinary cuisine rich in healthy and nutritious dishes, which come mainly from its own organic crops

Robert De Niro and the story behind the creation of his world famous hotel brand

It all started when Robert De Niro became a regular guest at the restaurant run by Nobu Matshuhisa. The actor persuaded him to open more restaurants and hotels to showcase the unique flavors of the local cuisine. Nobu Hotel Los Cabo, which De Niro co-owns, is located in the very south of the California peninsula. Shares are also held by celebrity chef Nobu Matshuhis and American film producer Meir Teper. It is their first joint hotel in Mexico and features private suites, a spa, wellness and Nobu’s own restaurant. The hotel has as many as 200 rooms and suites. The Nobu brand has expanded its business operations around the world, and as of August 3, 2020, you can be hosted at their newly opened facility in Warsaw.

Doda’s investment in the hotel business – what was the purpose of her decision?

Doda also decided to invest in the hotel business, buying a hotel in Byczyna in Opole province. The property was put up for sale for 4 million zlotys. The town is not a popular tourist destination and is famous only for the battle that took place nearby in 1588. The celebrity revealed that she is a noblewoman, so maybe this information influenced her decision to buy a hotel exactly in this place?

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