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What footwear to bet on in spring and summer?

Looking for shoes for the spring-summer season? Check out what models should be in your closet. These are a real must have!



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The days are getting warmer, so lighter footwear is a must. Check out what shoes are worth betting on during the coming summer months. What’s in vogue right now? We suggest!

Footwear for spring and summer – what should it be?

Winter is finally gone and we can enjoy longer, warm days. This also involves a change of closet. Just as we now hide thick sweaters to the bottom of the closet, we should reach for lighter footwear, adapted to higher temperatures. Autumn and winter boots we put away for many months. What footwear to bet on in spring and summer? Check it out!

The best men’s shoes for spring

Without a doubt, the best summer shoes are those in which the foot will breathe freely. Fortunately, men do not usually have to consider whether to choose flat sole or heeled shoes – this is the domain of women. Men value comfort and convenience above all else, and flat sole shoes are proof of this.

Among the spring-summer models of men’s shoes prevail those in which you are sure to be comfortable. What to consider when choosing? Certainly, not every shoe shape will be suitable, as some models are narrower and others are wider, just like our feet. The only way out is to try on a specific number of pairs before buying.

Sneakers – ideal for everyday styling and beyond

Without these shoes we can not imagine the closet of either a man or a woman. Sneakers, stylish footwear kept in a sporty style, are perfect for everyday styling, as well as for the office or a party. Men are very keen on just such shoes, because sneakers provide them with absolute comfort. 

In addition, both in the assortment of online and stationary stores, you can find a wide variety of shoes, including cult models of the most famous brands. Some of them are simply a fashion catch in themselves! Nike, Puma, Adidas, New Balance – these men’s sneakers are still on the absolute top and will also work well in spring and summer. To jeans, shorts or fabric pants. In fact, to anything you have in your closet! 

Half-shoes are the choice of lovers of elegance

Not everyone likes sporty style outside the gym. For these men, the ideal choice will be half-shoes. This is a subtle combination of casual and elegant style, which is perfect for everyday and beyond. Half-shoes kept in a classic style will appeal to anyone who likes to reach for a shirt instead of a t-shirt. It is certainly worth having at least one pair of half-shoes in your closet. It is not difficult to find a situation when they come in handy. 

Sandals – a must have for the hot months

In a while it will be time for hot summer. Then you will definitely need sandals, after all, you are not going to spend the whole summer vacation in the office, right? For this type of footwear, it is wisest to choose leather models, so that the foot will feel maximum comfort. Men’s sandals for summer are an absolute must-have, and we have no doubt about it. Such shoes will prove themselves during the highest temperatures like no other!

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How to Choose the Best Footwear for Men

We’ve created this guide on how to choose the best men’s shoes to help you decide on the perfect pair for your needs, so keep reading!



These days, men have a wider selection of footwear options to choose from than ever before. From formal dress shoes that are perfect for the office to athletic sneakers that can be worn while working out, there’s something available to suit every man and his style. However, deciding which pair of men’s shoes is best can be difficult – each shoe has advantages that determine whether or not it’s right for you! We’ve created this guide on how to choose the best men’s shoes to help you decide on the perfect pair for your needs, so keep reading!

Types of Shoes

Men’s shoes come in many different styles, including dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals, and athletic shoes. As a general rule, the more formal the occasion or dress code, the more formal your shoe should be. Dress shoes are typically worn with suits and tuxedos and provide the sleekest look for any situation. Casual shoes are generally considered any shoe that can be worn without socks or is often made of canvas fabric. They range from sneakers to boat shoes and are perfect for everyday use as well as outdoor activities like boating or fishing. Sandals come in a variety of styles such as flip-flops and clogs which offer light support but often lack arch support. They provide excellent ventilation while still providing comfort during long walks on hot summer days.

Why Are Loafers So Fashionable

Loafers are not only comfortable but they also look elegant and stylish. They can be worn with a variety of outfits, they go well with jeans and shorts or with a suit. They don’t require socks, so you can wear them in the summertime. And depending on what colour you buy, they can work well as an evening shoe or casual daytime shoe. What’s more, the loafers come in leather or suede so it’s easy to find one that will match your needs. But before you make your purchase, keep these considerations in mind: 

1) Width: If the shoe is too narrow then it will probably cause some discomfort when wearing it. 

2) Heel height: Low heels are great if you want comfort but high heels can help elongate your leg line which is why many women prefer them. 

3) Size: Make sure there’s enough space between your toes and the end of the shoes because otherwise, there may be some friction when walking which could lead to blisters on your feet after a while.

Features of Good Loafers

Loafers are the epitome of a well-dressed man. The key is in choosing the right pair, so here are some tips on what you should look out for when buying the best men’s loafers: 

– Always try them on before buying them. It’s important to know if they’re too tight or too loose and also whether they have enough room in the toe area.

– Leather is always better than synthetic materials but it’s not as easy to maintain. Goatskin leather is generally easier to take care of than calfskin leather because it needs less breaking in time and it’s less susceptible to stains, but it doesn’t last quite as long as calfskin leather does.

Tips To Choose The Right Pair Of Loafers

1. Loafers are traditionally dressier than most other types of shoes and are typically worn with a suit or as part of a formal outfit.

2. If you wear them with a suit, they should be the same colour as your suit pants and should have little or no contrast stitching. 

3. Brown and black loafers are more traditional, but other colours such as cream, tan, olive green and navy blue can also work in certain situations.

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What shoes to wear in the fall and what to pair them with?

Meet 9 models of shoes that will be the most fashionable this fall!



Choosing the right footwear for autumn can be quite a challenge. It should not only be fashionable and comfortable, but also warm and impervious to moisture. Which models are worth choosing? We suggest!


Wellington boots so far appeared mainly in women’s fashion collections. This season they also appeared in men’s closets. They can be seen at fashion houses such as Versace and Prada.

The look of the slippers refers to military boots, but of course they are not as high and tight as their female versions

Black half boots with thick soles

An absolute hit of the upcoming fall! We will see them in different variants – those informal, as well as perfect for a special occasion. There will also be longer models of black shoes with thick soles. With so many variations on their theme, surely everyone will find something for themselves. Such a fashion treasure cannot be missing from your autumn closet!

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots will appear in really crazy proposals this season. Camouflage or snake skin motif? No problem! Brands such as Versace have prepared truly original models for the autumn season. Will there be a place for them in men’s closet?

Trekking shoes

Something for fans of sport and comfort. Although until recently this type of shoes was not welcomed in everyday stylizations, trends are changing in favour of people who feel good in sport style. Well-known fashion brands are now including trekking boots in their everyday outfits. To make them look a little more elegant, there are small styling tweaks – and voila!


We have seen many times that you can wear sneakers with a suit and look good. This season we are going to see a real craze for sports shoes. Bold color combinations and thick, monstrous soles are just some of the fashion variations. Another trend that shows you don’t have to be afraid of sporty shoes for everyday wear

Slippers with buckles

With this trend we go on a journey to the fashion past. Buckle shoes or tall monks are a reference to retro times. These shoes will be deliberately aged, e.g. by adding delicate colourful reflections. Such stylish shoes may turn out to be very practical in autumn – they are perfect for both daytime and elegant stylizations.


Brogues, i.e. half-shoes with characteristic holes, the so-called brogue, have reigned on store shelves for a few seasons already. They could not miss them also this autumn. Their classic cut and decoration refer to the folk climate, which together gives an extremely interesting effect

Chukka boots

Chukka boots in Poland are more commonly known as boots. Their simple and classic form will work for many seasons and occasions. Next to navy blue and brown color, camel will also be a dominant color. Chukka boots, especially those made of suede, are a great match for jeans.


Slippers are shoes which perfectly combine simplicity and elegance. They fit to almost everything, and thanks to rubber inserts instead of laces create an interesting variety of styling. These are one of the most fashionable shoes for the coming autumn, so you can not miss them in your closet.

Main photo: Clem Onojeghuo/

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A guide to classic men’s shoe styles. Everything you need to know

Are you looking for shoes for elegant styling? We suggest what are the most famous types of such shoes. You will surely find something for yourself



We present models of men’s shoes that have already become cult classics. Thanks to this article you will learn their brief characteristics and some interesting facts about them. See why it is worth having them in your closet


This type of footwear is mainly associated with classic and elegance. It is perfect for all formal stylizations and proves itself during many occasions. It is also known as oxfords. These shoes are suitable, for example, for business meetings or big evening outings. Oxfords are still popular, despite the fact that they appeared in the first half of the 19th century. Since then, their different models harmonize perfectly with suits and tuxedos. These shoes are characterized by a neat appearance and a sewn-on front to the rest of the shoe. Their slimmer and more modest form is suitable for more mandatory occasions. Moreover, oxfords are extremely durable and comfortable to wear. You can buy them on the website:


Derby type shoes are also often chosen by elegant gentlemen. They can be commonly found in many popular shoe stores. This type is often called English shoes. It is less elegant model than well-known Oxfords. This is due to their construction. They are characterized by an open front part, which reveals the shoe’s tongue. Derby shoes fit to official stylizations and they are often chosen for such. They come in different colors and finishes so you can easily match them with different outfits. It is one of the most popular types of shoes worn with suits by men


This shoe is better known by its common name, moccasins. It is a very comfortable footwear as it is worn in a simple way by slipping them on the leg. They work well even for high temperatures, so they will be suitable for any summer styling. Loafers were popularized by King George VI and later by the nobility. They are popular all over the world and often appear on catwalks. They fit perfectly into smart casual outfits. If your work has such a dress code, you can easily wear them. You can find different types of moccasins at:


At first, in the 14th century, this type of footwear was worn by field workers in Scotland and Ireland. Later, brogues started to be worn by aristocrats, giving them a different character. They became essential footwear for every tasteful man who wanted to stand out with elegance. These are very distinctive shoes that can be easily recognized. They fit both to formal clothes and to those in a casual style. You can wear them with a suit or with chino pants. Some models feature openwork embellishments, for example. You will find classic brogues in the store:


Monk shoes have also been around for a very long time and have a rich history. They are popular thanks to Tibetan monks who wore them in ancient monasteries. You will recognize them primarily by their characteristic strap with a buckle. Some models have more than one buckle. You can wear them with very elegant suits, for example. However, they work well in places where strict dress code does not apply. So it allows you to experiment with your look and fashion. This is a versatile type of footwear that is certainly worth having in your closet.

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