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Inspirational Style: Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher is one of the best dressed men in the world! Check out what style he prefers and where you can see his out-of-the-ordinary stylings



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Adam Gallagher is an American blogger, founder and author of the very popular blog “I Am Galla”. He is followed by more and more people every year, all thanks to his unique sense of style. Adam Gallanger’s stylings are followed by thousands of people and his social media profiles are full of fashion inspiration. The blogger perfectly knows how to match clothes both to everyday outfits and to a more formal dress code. His character has had a big influence on the fashion world, especially the male part. The story of Adam Gallagher and his career unfolded in a very interesting way. He is definitely a character worth knowing and watching for further developments

If you are looking for people on the web who know a lot about men’s fashion, Adam Gallagher’s Instagram account should be a place you look at often. His content is viewed by nearly 2 million people and his profile is recommended in fashion influencer rankings. Adam lives in California, but his travels are also important to him, which he likes to report on his social media platforms. Apart from pictures from beautiful places, the blogger shares with his followers valuable tips and travel advice. However, the main topic, thanks to which he gained huge popularity, is men’s fashion and his unusual stylings. It is not only the interestingly selected clothes, but above all, the artistic way in which they are presented that makes it impossible to take our eyes off the photographs that the well-known influencer publishes. No wonder so many people want to participate in this fantastic performance, which can be admired on the Instagram of Adam Gallagher. Is it just a matter of great photos or is there something more behind the phenomenon of the Californian blogger?

Adam Gallagher – who is he?

Adam Gallagher was born on October 29, 1991 in New York City. Since childhood, he loved fashion, willingly experimented with his clothes and even declared to his parents that he planned to change his style every year. Huge popularity came with the development of his blog I Am Galla and his growing social media profiles. His content stands out because the influencer, in addition to great styling, pays a lot of attention to the aesthetics of the photos he posts online. His blog has long been ranked among the best fashion blogs about men’s fashion

The beginning of Adam Gallagher’s career

As mentioned earlier, Adam Gallagher has been interested in fashion from a very young age. His sense of style was already noticed during his school years, during which he loved to play with his image. His trademark was looking great, so it’s no wonder that the future blogger received an award for the best-dressed student from his classmates. At the age of 17, the American started a blog, which quickly became a real manual on how to look fashionable and stylish

Influencing the fashion world

The growth of his blog and social media accounts has made Adam a major influence on the look of current trends. His exquisite taste and sense of style means that he is often ahead of the fashion curve. Helping him to be an influential influencer was also the 30-year-old’s looks, which combined with his blogging skills and interesting styling was a recipe for huge success. Today, the blogger has gathered a huge community of fans around his designs who are interested in fashion and improving their image. Thanks to it, Adam Gallagher has built a powerful reach on his account on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Designing your own products

Adam’s unconventional taste and sense of style have not only given him the ability to pick interesting looks, but he has also proven himself as a designer. Working with the brand Miansai, which is a premium brand selling jewelry, he created his own collection of accessories. His ideas are proposals for men, which will work both for casual outfits and special occasions. In Miansai stores you could buy braided bracelets and silver pendants, which Adam Gallagher himself helped to create

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Better circulation leads to improved health

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Reduced anxiety leads to improved productivity

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