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How to protect hair from UV radiation?

Protection of hair from the sun – check how to take care of it!



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When spring and summer come, we are reminded of the importance of protecting our skin from the sun. But do we also remember to protect our hair? UV radiation can also harm them. What is not obvious to everyone is that hair should also be especially taken care of in the summer. From this article you will learn how to protect your hair from UV radiation. 

Why is it important to protect hair from UV radiation?

Protecting your hair from the sun is essential if you don’t want to face hair loss and weakening. This is because exposure of hair to strong radiation is associated with deviation of hair scales and destruction of the hair cortex. The effects of this are hair brittleness and dryness. If you don’t take care of proper protection, your hair may lose its elasticity, softness and shine after summer. The sun also has a negative effect on hair roots, and can contribute to hair loss. In addition, if you don’t take proper protective measures, your hair color can fade. 

What type of hair is most vulnerable to harmful UV rays?

Owners of any hair type should take care to protect their hair from UV radiation. However, high-pored and light-colored hair is the most vulnerable. They, by nature, are drier and more vulnerable. If you are a curly-haired blonde, read this article carefully. 

How do you protect your hair from UV rays?

If you love summer and sunny days, and want to enjoy beautiful and healthy hair all year round, then be sure to read the following tips. They concern ways to protect your hair from UV radiation. 

Wash your hair with gentle shampoos

In summer, we inevitably wash our hair more often, because we swim in the sea or lake and simply sweat. For this reason, during the holiday season, it is especially important to make sure that the shampoos we use are as gentle as possible. Only such cosmetics will not irritate the scalp and tear the protective barrier from the hair. So opt for gentle shampoos. These are such cosmetics that do not have strong detergents in their composition, such as SLL, SLES, etc.

Remember to use conditioners and masks

On vacation, we don’t have time to care for our hair. So it’s easy to neglect applying masks and conditioners after every wash. However, it is essential for your hair to be protected from the sun. If you don’t forget to apply such products after washing your hair, it will be moisturized and protected from the sun. It is especially important to use emollient conditioners. 

There are cosmetics with UV filters!

There are hair cosmetics in drugstores that contain a UV filter. For example, these are special mists and oils. It’s worth getting them in the summer to protect your hair all the time. 

Wear scarves and hats

Protect your hair and head from the sun in the summer. By wearing a hat or scarf you will make a barrier between the sun and your strands. It will prevent damage to your hair. It’s worth buying a stylish scarf before you go on vacation and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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Beauty treatments for beautiful and healthy hair

Do you see your hair in need of restoration? Here’s which hair treatments you can do at home and which you can do at your hairdresser’s!



Hair, whether long or short, should be healthy and shiny above all else. What can be done to restore shine and bounce to your hair? Here is an overview of hair treatments, which you can do either at the hairdresser’s or at home

Well-Tended Hair is Essential

There is no woman who does not dream of having thick, shiny and simply beautiful hair. It makes us feel more attractive. Many factors have a negative impact on the condition of our hair. Certainly, too frequent colouring destroys their structure. Rubbing hair with a towel and using a hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron or even a hair band. The list is quite long.

Often, the condition of hair is also affected by how we eat and whether we have a lot of stress in our lives. But let’s focus on hair treatments. It is important to remember that in order for the effect to be not superficial, hair care must be performed regularly.

Regeneration of damaged hair

Recently, oil treatments have become very popular. Oil treatment improves the condition of hair, gives it shine and makes the hair beautiful. It is very important to choose the right oil and application method. This combination will provide long-lasting and stunning results. The porosity of the hair has a direct impact on the choice of oil. Here is a quick reference guide.

Low porosity hair, which includes straight, shiny, volumeless hair that is difficult to style, needs specific hair care. The ideal oils for this hair type are palm, coconut, babassu and shea.

Macadamia and jojoba oils, as well as sesame, flax, pumpkin seed, rice and marula oils are ideal for those with medium-porous hair, which is weak, lacking shine and moisture and tends to split and frizz.

What about highly porous hair? For this type of hair, which is characterized by brittleness, damaged texture, frizz, static and excessive hair loss, choose argan oil, sweet almond oil, cottonseed oil, evening primrose oil, corn oil or grapeseed oil.

How does the oiling process work?

You can choose between two methods. After washing your hair, apply oil for about an hour and rinse out. This is called wet treatment. The other option is dry oiling. Apply the oil of your choice to your hair, wrap it in a shower cap and leave it on, preferably overnight. In the morning, wash and rinse your hair thoroughly. Oil treatments can be applied twice a week to badly damaged hair and once a week to maintain the effect.

What treatments should I get at my hairdresser’s?

In the hair salon you will find a whole range of treatments that aim to regenerate the structure of the hair. Here are the most popular ones:

  • keratin hair straightening – involves the use of a concentrate of hair care ingredients. The preparation is applied and then pressed into the hair with a special straightening iron. As a result, the hair becomes smooth, soft, flexible and full of shine;
  • sauna – a hairdresser applies a special ampoule to the hair. Then for 20 minutes we land under a special machine, which generates a lot of heat and steam. This allows the ingredients contained in the ampoule to be absorbed into the hair structure. The result is moisturized, regenerated and strengthened hair.

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Rihanna’s skincare routine. Review of Fenty Skin Cosmetics

Learn more about Fenty Skin products and see which one you should test!



pmv chamara/

The success of Fenty Beauty cosmetics worldwide has prompted the brand’s creator, Rihanna, to create a new line of beauty products. Will their creator once again succeed in the beauty industry?

Fenty Skin Philosophy

Fenty Beauty brand cosmetics were meant to be for everyone – which is why Rihanna opted for a wide range of colors and a variety of finishes and applications. In this way, the brand emphasizes its inclusiveness and modernity.

The same goes for Fenty Skin. Although at first glance it may seem that the company has opted for minimalism, the cosmetics are created in such a way that there is something for everyone. After all, skin care is for everyone – regardless of age, gender or skin color. For the brand, it is important that everyone can afford their cosmetics – hence the combination of quality and reasonable price

Rihanna knows how important every second is in today’s busy world. Hence the emphasis on making beauty rituals as simple as possible. Care should be uncomplicated and take as little time as possible. That’s why the Fenty Skin line includes 2-in-1 products

Fenty Skin is aware of the importance of SPF protection. That’s why we have sunscreens in our cosmetics, which we should use all year round

And last but not least, we have to mention ecology, which is one of the main pillars of the brand. The packaging of Fenty Skin cosmetics can be reused by buying new refills

Fenty Skin product overview – here are the highlights

Butta Drop body cream with a fluffy texture

A blend of tropical butters and luxurious oils to intensively nourish your skin, leaving it smooth and softly glowing. With a texture reminiscent of whipped cream, the cream is quickly absorbed into the body

Fat water pore-refining toner serum – 2-in-1 toner-serum

Rihanna’s favorite beauty product combines the effects of a toner and a serum. It tightens pores and lightens pigmentation spots. Thanks to its extra thick consistency, you don’t need a cotton pad to use it

Hydra vizor invisible moisturizer SPF 30 – moisturizing cream

The cream in its condensed form provides the skin with everything it needs during the day – hydration and sun protection. It is ideal under make-up, and the sweet scent of melon makes application pleasant

Instant reset overnight recovery gel-cream

Rich in nutrients, yet light in consistency cream will take care of your skin while you sleep. This is all thanks to the hyaluronic acid, Kalahari melon and baobab oil included in the formulation

Total cleans’r remove-it-all cleanser – face wash gel

There’s no good skincare without cleansing your face. That’s why the brand Fenty Skin has released a facial cleansing gel that removes all impurities with ease. Its formula does not dry out the skin, and the cherry from Barbados and coconut contained in the composition nurture our skin

Buff ryder – exfoliating body scrub

Thanks to the nutrients from the Caribbean, the scrub leaves your skin radiant and smooth. The creamy texture makes the cosmetic wrap us up in a nice way and rinses off easily. Acerola extract, antioxidants and vitamin C further help rejuvenate the skin.

Main Photo: pmv chamara/

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Cosmetic treatments you can do in the summer

These skincare rituals are worth going for in the summer.



There are a whole range of cosmetic treatments that it is advisable to refrain from during the summer, as it can irritate our skin. So what are the treatments you should undergo in the summer?

Summer is the perfect time for a variety of facial and body treatments. It is important that the treatments are not deeply exfoliating and using acids. These rituals are best done in the autumn and winter. In summer, you can do all the treatments that will not be based on strong peels, from the so-called white cosmetics. It is worth performing illuminating treatments based on antioxidants, which in addition to the rejuvenating effect will also protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and reduce the risk of discoloration

Ideal treatments for summer

Ferulac C-Vit Mediderma

This is the so-called banquet treatment, because the effects are visible immediately. The combination of vitamin C with ferulic acid stimulates the skin to renew, improves skin firmness and lightens discolouration


This is a water and oxygen peeling. It is an ideal cosmetic treatment for hot days. It involves spraying the skin with saline under very high pressure. The treatment gives immediate soothing, hydrating and refreshing effect

Asiatic Peel

A cosmetic treatment intended for very dehydrated and irritated skin. The key ingredient in this treatment is asiatic acid and ceramides, which create a unique source of hydro lipid balance. This facial treatment is ideal for those who have recently returned from vacation and their skin needs immediate regeneration.

Spirulin Boost

A facial treatment with an oxygenating and detoxifying effect. Its most important ingredient is spirulina, which very effectively gets rid of free radicals and other toxins. Treatment based on spirulina is a great boost of energy for the skin, it makes the complexion regain its fresh look and glow.

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