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End of summer hairstyles. What to wear at the turn of the seasons?

Looking for fashion inspiration for the end of summer? Check out our hints and never go out of style!



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At the end of summer there is always a lot going on in fashion. Not only that we have Fashion week ahead, but also more and more is happening in street fashion, which we see every day.

At the end of the summer we can see very interesting combinations – woolen sweaters and classic trainers, and to this airy dresses, shorts and flip-flops. It is safe to say that this is one of the most interesting times of the year in terms of styling. Unfortunately, it can also cause quite a problem. Here are some suggestions on how to combine summer with autumn to look good!

Styling autumn with a hint of summer

A walk through the streets of larger cities is enough to learn a lot about fashion. Women and men increasingly combine different elements of clothing, which seemingly do not match each other. We have more and more fashion sense. You can also use styles from instagram. Here are some looks for the end of summer.

Norwegian minimalism

Top bloggers and stylists report that orange is one of the most coveted fashion colors this year. Miuccia Prada is the new highlight. It works well in combination with basics. A striped sweater with intensive orange stripes can be combined with a white light shirt, black Bermuda shorts and slippers in a light peach shade.

Women’s version of the suit

Suit for several good seasons already reigns over the salons, catwalks and streets. It is comfortable, elegant and adds nonchalance. Suit in one color, such as sand, with wide pants and slightly oversized jacket, combine with a white T-shirt and sneakers. This look is fresh, comfortable and elegant, but in a modern style.

It is said that the women’s suit has become a little black. In our opinion, it should be in every closet. Complete the look with a small shoulder bag or a larger kidney bag. French and Scandinavian women specialize in interesting combinations of suits with other elements of clothing. The main aim is to be stylish and comfortable.

Vacation spirit

Many styles this season are inspired by Italian summer vacations. Match strappy sandals with patterned dresses. Preferably with a large slit, deep neckline or frills. Add a silk scarf on your head and sunglasses in bold colors. This look with a soft sweater is perfect for the cooler days at the end of summer.

The perfect mishmash of summer and autumn

A lot happens at the end of summer – weather-wise. Sometimes hot days turn into cold nights. Therefore, the closet should be very diverse. Match loose, long powder jackets with ultra-trendy leather flip-flops, bell-bottomed pants and a ribbed top. If you are daring, you can even wear a crop top. You are sure to look stylish in this version.

A love affair with sport at the end of summer

The summer of 2021 saw the success of floral dresses and skirts. From small to large, and preferably in a midi version. This romantic style can be combined with a sporty sweatshirt and comfortable white shoes. Such a breakthrough we like very much!

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How to buy an Italian dress online?

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main photo: Canas

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Styles that work for summer parties

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Summer is the perfect time of year for party people. The weather then is conducive to holding parties and meeting with friends. It is also a great opportunity to experiment with styling and put on beautiful clothes. In this article you will find out what styles work for summer parties.

Floral dresses 

A floral dress is the perfect garment for many occasions. It will work great at a summer party. It will allow you to keep the summer atmosphere and will certainly add to your charm. There are many floral dresses available on the market – from long and elegant ones to everyday ones. Such a dress will look great paired with delicate sandals on a pole and a small braided handbag.

Short top and shorts

This styling is very classic and suitable for many occasions. With the right choice of top and shorts you will look unique. Decide on a colorful top – after all, summer is all about colors! Shorts can be classic denim, but also black or other. You can put the whole thing together with sneakers and a small backpack, but also with stilettos and a handbag. The choice is yours, and you are only limited by your imagination!

Long skirt and shirt

This is an elegant and classy styling. It will be suitable for more formal occasions. If you have a white shirt in your closet, then go to the store and buy a long skirt to go with it. Ideally, it should have an intense color. Maxi skirts are great for parties. Wear stilettos or espadrilles with it. Complete the whole look with a small handbag, which will be the icing on the cake.


For a formal occasion, a suit will also be great. This is an ideal choice not only for men, but is becoming increasingly popular among women. This season, suits are a hot trend. As you can probably guess – it is best to bet on styling in an intense color. For a colorful suit, beige stilettos are ideal. Pairing it with a small, elegant handbag can also be a good move. 

T-shirt style dresses

T-shirt style dresses are perfect for a casual summer party. During the vacations there are no small number of them – barbecues, bonfires and house parties reign supreme. T-shirt dresses go perfectly with sneakers and a kidney thrown over the shoulder. To this you can confidently wear a denim katana or even a sweatshirt. 

Floral jumpsuit

A floral jumpsuit is (like a floral dress) an ideal styling idea for a summer party. It can be even more comfortable than a dress, and just as stylish! This outfit, full of colors and patterns, will charm all the guests. What’s more, it will look great in combination with delicate jewelry. Let your legs be emphasized by black or beige stilettos, and the whole thing will be completed by a tasteful handbag. Such styling is immediately associated with summer!

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